Year of the Horse 2014: Fortune forecasts

What will the Year of the Horse bring? Will you be swimming in abundance in your career, love and health? What are the signs to look out for? Find out below.



Businessmen should be careful before signing contracts or risk losing money. Be prepared for financial bottlenecks. Handle situations calmly when facing setbacks. Couples will face a rocky year so try to be tolerant. Old folks might be prone to falls and should avoid precarious situations. Stay healthy by avoiding excessive smoking and drinking.




You will offend undesirable people at work but will be able to handle it. Make prudent investments and release existing stocks once you reap a profit. Love is in the air as this is a good year for marriage and singles might meet that special someone. Eat well to maintain a healthy digestive system. Get a grip on your emotions to prevent heart problems from occurring.




Career development is slow and may result in arguments. Make smaller investments to avoid asset loss. Single Tigers will be lucky in love. Married couples need to guard against adultery and work at maintaining trust and communication in their relationships. Your physical and mental health might be affected by stress. Combat this by exercising or taking a long vacation to unwind.




You have good luck this year and might enjoy excellent career progression, with the possibility of getting a promotion. Be on your guard as you might be tricked into investments. Dating couples could start planning for marriage and singles might find a partner through their friends. Rabbits will gain favour if they are sincere and grounded. Those who work with machineries must be mindful of work-related injuries.




Career progress might be hindered by oversights and inefficiency. Maintain good relationships as people will come to aid if you need help. Businessmen should plan their expenditure to avert financial difficulties. Your residence might be broken into so make sure you lock your house. It is a trying year for relationships and you need to be careful with your choice of words. Seniors with health ailments must be treated.




Your luck will significantly improve but traces of bad luck will linger. It is a good year for career and investments. However, do ensure there are no loopholes during collaborations to prevent conflicting partnerships. Married couples must resist temptation and romantic relationships might end due to tension. Be prepared for minor illnesses like cold and insomnia. Go for medical screenings.




A piling workload might result in stress. This is not an ideal year to venture into something new. Maintain civility and be socially active. Compromise in relationships and couples should inject surprises to spice up their relationship. Your health might be poor; those with gastrointestinal conditions must pay attention to worsening symptoms. Children born in the Year of the Horse must be watched over as they are likely to get into accidents.




Males can expect good career progression and receive favours from colleagues. 2014 is a great time to start new investments as you stand to gain financially. However, you must save. Females are successful in love and will meet eligible partners. Couples could consider marriage in this auspicious year. Married couples will be blessed with a new child. Expect good health but avoid excessive food consumption.




Face adversity with endurance and keep a clear mind at work to avoid major mistakes. Do not engage in monetary dealings with closed ones as it will sour your relationships. Married couples will compromise their bond for careers as they may have to travel a lot for business. Singles should not place hope in people they meet on dating websites and networks. Learn to tame your tamper and avoid reacting to inconsequential matters.




On the career front, you will be greatly appreciated by peers and superiors. Your income will increase significantly but so will your expenses. Married couples will share healthy levels of intimacy. Singles should attend more social gatherings as they may meet the right one. You will host more frequently due to your successful career. Expectant mothers should take note of pregnancy-related ailments.




Build rapport with colleagues and clients, and remain level-headed when tackling work problems. Manage your funds well and limit spending on material wants. Be conservative in your investments. Couples will get into disagreements and this may escalate into “cold wars”. It is essential to be determined about working through past relationship issues. Keep gastrointestinal conditions at bay by avoiding raw and frozen foods.




After being plagued by bad luck for several years, Pigs will finally be rid of misfortune. You will experience significant career advancements like a pay raise and excellent relationships with colleagues. Exercise caution where risky investments are concerned to prevent losses. Married couples will enjoy an intimate year of marriage. You will be in good health this year but younger ones should pay attention to their kidneys.



Info provided by Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd. 

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