Resorts World Sentosa career spotlight: Butler

Professional, courteous, mindful – a few descriptors that come to mind when you think of the word “butler”. But unlike Alfred Pennyworth from Batman, our butlers are far from the stoic, stuffy individuals one might have come to expect them to be; they are quite personable and fun-loving people. And not all are males either.

Crockfords Tower butler team
Crockfords Tower butler team
Beach Villas and Equarius Hotel Butlers
Beach Villas and Equarius Hotel butler team

Previously, the butler team serves the by-invite-only Crockfords Tower and select suites in the other hotels. However, with the opening of the Beach Villas and the Equarius Hotel, the butler team is expanding to serve guests staying with us at the Suites and Villas. Let’s take a look at some of the service our butlers provide.

 About RWS butlers

 The modern term ‘butler’ is derived from the Middle English ‘boteler’ and Old French ‘boutellier’, both which roughly translate to “bottle bearer”, or “cask carrier”. Back then, the butler was a servant whose primary role was to serve and care for alcoholic beverages in the household – hence the “bearer” of the “bottle”.

During Elizabethan and Victorian times, the butler evolved to become the head male servant of the household, whose main charge was usually the whole of the first floor of an estate and overseer of the male servants. A housekeeper would take charge of the female servants, but in the absence of one the butler undertakes them too. While he is still a manservant of the employers, he officiates rather than performs household chores or the running of errands. Today, the modern butler does many things on his own, more so because employers nowadays only employ a person or two.

Here at Resorts World Sentosa, our butlers work hand in hand with many teams within the resort to ensure that you have a comfortable stay, be it with the F&B team, the housekeepers, or even with the various attractions. They will try to accommodate requests to the best of their abilities. So while they can’t give you the moon and the stars, they most certainly can help make your stay stress free and happy.


If you have a friendly demeanour, a can-do attitude and is keen to join our expanding butler team, contact us here.
To find out more about accomodations at RWS, visit our website here.

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