[WHO’S WHO] Meet the TRANSFORMERS: Robots in Disguise

In this special edition of “Who’s Who”, let’s meet the shape-shifting alien robots known as the TRANSFORMERS. If you haven’t heard, these mighty behemoths are the stars at Resorts World Sentosa TRANSFORMERS Cybertron Con 2012. Held at Resorts World Convention Centre from March 11 to 14, expect an exciting lineup of exhibits and activities.

But the Cybertron Con is not the only place TRANSFORMERS are appearing in. These robots can also be found nearby in Universal Studios Singapore’s highly-acclaimed TRANSFORMERS The Ride (TFTR). Here’s a quick recap.

Optimus Prime from TRANSFORMERS The Ride
OPTIMUS: Yes, I’m looking you. Yes, you…

OPTIMUS PRIME: Possibly the most well-known and respected character from the popular franchise, OPTIMUS PRIME is courageous, powerful and intelligent. In short, he’s the go-to guy when you need help to make the world a better place. Fans can watch how the knight in shining metal battles the baddies (in glorious 3D, no less) in TFTR, and pose with a 22-foot tall character statue at the Con.

Megatron in TRANSFORMERS The Ride
MEGATRON: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

MEGATRON: Heroes need bad guys they can defeat. Here, we have MEGATRON, the imposing leader of the DECEPTICONS. He believes in “Peace through Tyranny”, which explains why he is wrecking everything in TFTR. At the Con, there will be panel sessions with special guest Mr. Hideaki Yoke (lead designer of TRANSFORMERS figures for Takara Tomy), where you can ask about the inspiration behind MEGATRON’s evil look.

Bumblebee and Starscream in TRANSFORMERS The Ride
BUMBLEBEE: I feel someone sneaking up behind me…

BUMBLEBEE: Every team needs a BUMBLEBEE – a loyal and dependable member who isn’t afraid to take risks. He is proof that big isn’t always beautiful, given how the yellow AUTOBOT’s small physique allows him to go to places his larger comrades cannot. In TFTR, he plays a crucial role (no spoilers here) in saving the day. Fans can also take photos with the adorable KREON version of BUMBLEBEE at the Con.

SIDEWAYS: SIDEWAYS is one sneaky fellow – just look at how he is creeping up behind BUMBLEBEE in TFTR (pic above). We hear that he is a con artist who is misleading and deceitful in everything he does. We aren’t sure whether this treacherous DECEPTICON has fans, but you can learn how to sketch him at drawing classes by top Hasbro artists (at select times).

EVAC: Suave blue outfit? Check

EVAC: You can never go wrong with blue. Just ask EVAC, a new recruit to the AUTOBOT team stationed on Earth. No experience combating DECEPTICONS? No worries – EVAC’s pair of twin ion pulse rapid-fire blasters should do the trick. We also hear that the agile AUTOBOT travels at hyper speeds. In TFTR, he is the guy responsible for protecting the AllSpark (the living essence of TRANSFORMERS), as well as the safety of NEST recruits (including yours!).

Devastator in TRANSFORMERS The Ride
DEVASTATOR: Stay clear – bad breath alert

DEVASTATOR: This is one dude you won’t want to mess around with. Formed by DECEPTICONS who transform into construction vehicles and combine into a larger monster, the DEVASTATOR sucks up nearby objects, alive or dead. See how much destruction he causes in TFTR? We can’t imagine anyone remaining unfazed by the trauma.


For more information on the largest gathering ever of Transformers fans at Resorts World Sentosa, visit http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Specials/CybertronCon2012

All images are from TRANSFORMERS The Ride.

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