[Who’s Who] Doorman and Bellman

If you think of a doorman or a bellman you’ll probably think of a smart, solemn-looking man wearing a suit. But there is a distinction between them, and we got three sporting gentlemen to show us just what their jobs entail (and also to show off their fantastic threads).

If you head to the lobbies of Festive Hotel and Hotel Michael you’d probably think that you’re in the same hotel. The bellmen and doormen of both hotels wear the same uniform – a distinct orange and lavender outfit for the doorman, and a striking turquoise blue for the bellman.

If you head over to Hard Rock Hotel however, there is no distinction between the  bellman and doorman, and all wear a purple shirt with black pants. It is rather rock and roll here – they do both jobs. I term them “doorbellmen”.

Here’s a look at what they do:


It’s probably pretty easy to figure out why a doorman is called a “door”man. But a “bellman”? Suffice to say they don’t wear bells (neither do they chime when they speak).

You first need to know that bellmen were known as “bellhops”, a term that is sometimes still used in the U.S. Originally, hotels had bells at the front desk, which patrons would then ring when they needed someone to attend to them. Naturally, an excellent bellhop would “hop” to attention at the sound to tend to the query. Typically this included transporting bags and directing guests.

Today, the modern bellman and doorman are true professionals. Often times they’ll be very busy, very rarely having the chance to catch a break. While our friendly folks can help you with some resort-related information, it’s best to approach the front-desk staff, who would be more readily available.

So now that you know a little more about them, do drop them a smile if you happen to meet them. They work non-stop to ensure a comfortable and fuss-free experience for you.

Despite the lack of bells.

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