[West Side Story] Project 55

Tall. Strapping. Dependable. No, we’re not talking about men, but trees instead.

Over a month ago, 55 of these brawny works of nature hopped on a barge and sailed here from Thailand. Specially selected to leave nice scents and create a visual impact, the trees will make their debut later this year as part of the panorama in the West Zone of Resorts World Sentosa.

They will make up the four thousand trees being planted, joining the existing 2.9ha of preserved forest located beside the Equarius Hotel, making the West Zone the green belt of RWS.

(The other zones are the East Zone, being Universal Studios Singapore and the Central Zone, where the casino and four hotels are located.)

Prepping them for the arduous 11-day voyage was not easy. Here’s a quick snapshot of how to move house, tree-style.

Up, up and away! The trees were then put onto a barge, kept watered twice a day, and were ready to roll… with the waves.

Some of these 55 trees have already taken root at vantage locations in the West Zone; the rest will progressively follow.

Asst. Director Tan Kok Yeang, overall-in-charge of the landscaping works, quipped, “In a couple of months, landscaping works would be completed. And after two years, when all the plants mature, it’ll be very lush and green – a sight to behold!”

“Right now, I’m glad all my 55 children have come home.”

Catch footage of the trees arriving at RWS below!

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