7 life skills you can learn from watching Dora the Explorer

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As a parent sitting through many episodes of animated series, Dora the Explorer is one of the more enjoyable shows to watch with my kid.

While I am still a big fan of the Muppets creator Jim Henson, Dora is my top kid’s show pick of this generation for children who haven’t moved on to animated series Adventure Time yet.

Here are a few life lessons I’ve picked up from watching Dora:

1. Reading maps


This is one skill that EVERYONE needs to pick up. Imagine going on holiday and being unable to figure out how to get from point A to point B (unless you have a chauffeur driving you everywhere). Dora executes this brilliantly and consults the Map frequently with accuracy.

Dora’s Map might not be the most accurate representation but the concept is a good starting point in life!

2. Keeping friends

Everyone could use a friend and Dora illustrates that even one friend is better than none. The very patient Boots is always by Dora’s side in both in good and bad times–as a true friend would.

Kids will always learn the value of friendship but only an adventure brings friends closer.!

3. Being helpful

Opening Family

In her adventures, Dora often meets and helps individuals who are in need of rescuing, often in pretty outrageous situations. Little does she know that the new friend she just made would in turn help her in her journey down the road. Sounds exactly like real life.

4. Speaking multiple languages

Uno, Dos, Tres!

Watching so many episodes of Dora has caused me to pick up a smattering of Spanish. Imagine what it’ll be like for kids who are like sponges when it comes to learning new languages. An additional language just for fun would definitely help with their linguistic development.


5. Communicating

Dora understands the importance of a two-way conversation and would involve viewers in her adventures. In the show, Dora pauses for answers expectantly while kids in front of the telly jump up and scream out the answers.

It’s not a one way street when it comes to watching Dora and every kid I’ve seen watching Dora does not do it sitting down. They are always on their feet.

6. Nonviolent conflict resolution

“Swiper, no swiping!”

If only all real world conflicts could be resolved by chanting a phrase three times, but it gives kids a good starting point when it comes to working things out.

As parents we all know that being assertive is one of the ideal ways to get our kids to see our point of view. Dora does this every episode against Swiper and so far it has worked out well.

7. The importance of family ties

When it comes to family ties, the show illustrates the strength of a family unit.

Dora has strong relationships with her whole family which includes her parents, her baby brother and sister, her grandmother, and her cousin Diego. She takes great pride in these relationships and is always looking out for her family members which forms the basis of many episodes.

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