Voyage de la Vie: It’s never the same show!

She flexes her sinewy arms and stretches her slender legs, then she launches effortlessly into a backflip before settling down into position where the back of her knees are mere inches from her head. Meet Nomintuya―the latest ‘IT’ girl to join the Voyage de la Vie family.

Our resident theatrical circus spectacular―Voyage de la Vie has just celebrated its one year anniversary and what better way to spice things up than to introduce a new performer to the show. Nomintuya takes on the role of the Messenger who leads the Boy into his world of imagination and accompanies him on his journey.

Nomintuya was performing in Orlando, Florida for 10 months before coming to our shores.

Mongolian Nomintuya is only 19 but already she’s travelled to Orlando in the US, South Korea, Turkey, Monaco and now Singapore to pursue her ambition of becoming an international contortionist. We had a preview of her performance just hours before her first La Vie showcase, and boy, were we blown away.

Here’s a short interview with Nomintuya as we quickly stole her away from the rehearsal:

RWScooper: How long have you been a contortionist?
Nomin: I started training since I was 7 years old, so I’ve been doing this for close to 12 years.

RWScooper: What made you get into this form of performing arts?
Nomin: My grandma was also a contortionist but never professionally and so was my aunt. My aunt was the one who introduced me to contortionism and sent me to the school for formal training.

RWScooper: Do you face any challenges when you perform?
Nomin: It’s hard for me to balance in the dark so I need to put in more effort in this area.

RWScooper: You’ve travelled around quite a bit. Which is your favourite country?
Nomin: I like staying in the US because I like the freedom there.

RWScooper: How do you find Singapore?
Nomin: I’ve only been here for less than a month but I find the people very friendly and the greenery is beautiful.

RWScooper: When was the first time you travelled out of Mongolia for a performance?
Nomin: My first gig was to perform at the Asian Children’s Festival in Korea when I was 12 years old.

Catch a glimpse of Nomintuya in action here:

The RWScooper team was quite smitten with Nomin. She speaks with a certain endearing quality of grace and poise, reminiscent of her art form. As the creative director motioned for the cast to take positions, we wished her luck for her debut on Voyage de la Vie.

To catch Nomintuya live in action, you can purchase Voyage de la Vie tickets at
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