Valentine’s Day: Splurge or Save?

Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday in 2017. It’s a bit tricky to arrange dates on that day but it’s still possible.

Whether you are still single looking for a special someone or a couple trying to rekindle your love, Valentine’s Day can be a trying time.

Singles want to avoid staying at home to nosy-but-well-meaning parents asking for the hundredth time, “When are you getting a date?”.

Couples face the problem of finding something special to declare their love for each other (again) while jostling other couples with the same ideas. Not everyone can afford a whole month’s pay for an evening out but we know some people who do measure the depth of one’s love by the price of one’s gift.

To help you out, here are some Splurge or Save ideas for singles and/or couples.


1. Rejuvenate with a treatment session at ESPA

Enjoy a soothing massage with your partner and feel your tensions fade away

For singles, it’s perfect for some ‘me time’, while escaping overbearing parents. For couples, go for the couple treatment for a nice retreat from daily life (and the kids if you have them) and get you some intimate time together at the serene surroundings of ESPA.

Bonus for singles: If you invite someone you like, this might also work as a declaration of forever after.

Check out ESPA’s Valentine’s Day promotion.

Enjoy couple time with your love at our spa private suite with 120-min of ESPA Time at only S$900++. And we will sweeten the deal with chocolates and champagne.

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2. Dine at a posh restaurant

In recent years, the dining scene in Singapore has exploded with so many brand name restaurants that you are spoilt for choice. But if you truly want to splurge on the best and impress your love interest or your partner, pick Joël Robuchon Restaurant.

Here’s another tip: you could keep this for when you really need to appease your partner.

You can also check out other Valentine’s Day dining promotion at Resorts World Sentosa.

3. Drink away your evening

Singles can drown their sorrows at the many pubs and bars that have mushroomed overnight in Singapore. Who knows, you might find a kindred soul. For couples, leave this refuge to the singles. And if you drink, skip the driving.

For couples, leave this refuge to the singles. And if you drink, skip the driving.

Singles are welcome to overcome their misery with drinks and good music.

Photo Credit: Nick Gray

4. Book a weekend staycation

If you want the convenience of fun stuff to do at your doorstep, we suggest the romantic staycation packages at RWS. They are just a stone’s throw from Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark and S.E.A. Aquarium.

Or if you just want to sleep in, try the TreeTop Lofts or Ocean Suites. Both are serene and come with splendid views and with a butler service at your disposal.

Wow your partner with a spectacular view right at your doorstep. Babies come separately.


1. Rent romantic movies and have a marathon in the comfort of your own home

Get all the snacks you’ll need and have a feast in front of the TV. And with online streaming of videos these days, this may cost less than even one outing at the cinemas. Perfect either for singles or couples. If there are kids, send them to a safe house.

Snuggle up with your loved one and some pillows and watch movies the whole day

Photo Credit

2. Volunteer your time at an old folks’, children’s home or animal shelter

Small on cost, but big on love. Potential to meet people who share the same altruistic views. Great option for couples who have no choice but to bring their kids along on Valentine’s.

3. Go to the gym or go for a run in the park with your other half

Take this day to show your body the care and concern it needs by treating it right. Besides, nothing’s better than growing old healthily with your partner. For singles, this could be your chance to find a new exercise buddy. Everyone needs a motivation to exercise, in some form or another.

Put on your running shoe and feel the energy in every step you take

Photo Credit: Rick Kent

4. Be a home cook

If you are not keen on spending too much for a Valentine’s dinner, why not consider cooking your own meal at home? You’ll get extra points for effort from your partner or it could also be a fun, bonding activity for the both of you.

Singles can opt to have dinner gatherings at home with other single friends, to avoid the patronizing look of couples in restaurants.

Enjoy a warm, hearty meal in the comfort of your own home, with your loved one(s).

Photo Credit: Steven Depolo

5. Visit one of the museums

It’s free, won’t be as crowded as shopping malls and you’ll be surprised at what you and your partner can learn. Plus point: Museums are usually singles-friendly and you won’t have to face too many lovey-dovey couples in here (Good news for the singles!).

What will you be doing during Valentine’s Day? If you’re single, we have a guide to finding your potential partner at RWS.

9 Feb 2017 update: This post has been updated with promotions for 2017.
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