8 Ways You’ll Find Your Happy Place with TrollsTopia at USS

Till 29 April 2018, enter the colourful, merry world of DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls with TrollsTopia at Universal Studios Singapore (USS). As an amalgamation of ‘Trolls’ and ‘Utopia’, the USS Trolls -themed event promises to help you find your happy place. Here are 8 ways how.

Universal Studios Singapore will be opened till 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays starting 23 March 2018 (subject to further changes). Plan your visit here.

1. You’ll be dazzled by the Glitter! Sparkles! Rainbows!


From a shimmery entrance arc to bedazzled trees along Hollywood, feast your eyes on vibrantly coloured sets that are sure to lift your spirits just by looking at them. In fact, the sequins on the entrance arc and Hollywood Lagoon stage are held together in a way that allows them to flap and reflect light at various angles, in turn giving the illusion that you’re being transported through a *magical* rainbow each time the wind blows.


Even the storefront of Universal Studios Store got a dazzling makeover!

Here is a list of photo spots at TrollsTopia we recommend for your next OOTD.

2. You won’t be able to help but sing and dance along


Sing and dance along to two live musical shows, TrollsTopia Show and Hug Time Trio as part of Queen Poppy’s coronation celebrations. Filled with lots of puns and hit songs from the Trolls soundtrack, you’ll find yourself laughing and bopping along to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop This Feeling before you even know it!

Show timings
TrollsTopia Show
(15-minute): 12pm and 2pm daily
Hug Time Trio (12-minute): 4pm and 6pm daily

Both shows take place at Hollywood Lagoon Stage.

3. You get to meet and greet Poppy and Branch


Following the two live musical shows, get up close and personal with your two favourite Trolls, Poppy and Branch! They say good vibes rub off easily – what more when you’re in the presence of the eternally optimistic Queen Poppy?

4. You stand to win prizes at Glitterpalooza (FREE!)


Enter Glitterpalooza, a giant disco-like box, and attempt to catch as many tickets in cloud of flying confetti while the music plays. At the end of 30 seconds, you and your friends are to empty all the confetti and tickets you caught in a bucket, and each guest is entitled to draw one such ticket that may be exchanged for a prize. Prizes include retail and F&B vouchers, Trolls merchandise and complimentary VR experiences.

Venue: next to Hollywood China Arcade
Price: free with entry into TrollsTopia

5. You get to Trollify Yourself


How is it that the Trolls can be happy all the time? With face painting, temporary tattoos and signature Troll wigs at Trollify Yourself, transform into one happy Troll to find out!


Don’t forget to snap a couple of selfies at the photo booth and tag us @rwsentosa with the hashtag #USSTrollstopia!

Trollify Yourself
Venue: next to Hollywood China Arcade
Price: varies with extent of face painting

6. You get to escape into alternate realities


Unwind as you leave all your cares behind with two virtual reality (VR) experiences: VR Beat Feat and VR Troll Art.


VR Beat Feat is a fast-paced VR music video game where you get to shield yourself from/‘bash’ the ‘beats’ coming at you from the catchy soundtrack of Trolls. A true test of your rhythm and coordination if you ask me.


VR Troll Art is an endless space of rainbows, creativity and imagination where you get to create 3D visual art with Tilt Brush and the symphony of colours from the world of Trolls. If you like what you’ve painted, you may even purchase your artwork printed in a photo, keychain and magnet from The Dark Room at S$45 a set.

Trolls Virtual Reality Experiences
Venue: Hollywood China Arcade
Price: S$5 per experience
Recommended for participants aged 7 years and above

7. You get to indulge in sweet treats


It’s a fact: sugar makes us happy – that’s why young kids always crave sweet treats. But whether you’re young or young at heart, these candy-coloured Trolls-themed desserts will definitely help you find your happy place as long as you have a sweet tooth. Guests who prefer savoury food may also try the limited edition Maddy’s Rainbow Pasta.

Trolls-themed food at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor
Poppy’s Rainbow Cookie Fruit Flan: S$13
Satin’s Rainbow Cake: S$6
Branch/Satin and Chenille’s Cupcake: S$5
Smidge’s Mini Churros: S$9
Maddy’s Rainbow Pasta: S$19
Guy Diamond’s Jello Cup: S$4

8. You get to take a Troll home

USS Merchandise

With a wide array of huggable Trolls merchandise to choose from, buy one home to ensure that the happiness continues when you leave USS after a day of fun and happiness!

The secret to happiness

Like any other emotion, happiness (as psychologists will tell you) comprises feelings, thoughts and behavior that affect one another. This means that even if your morning didn’t go as well as planned, a day of music, dancing and other fun-filled activities at TrollsTopia (behavior) is bound to positively affect your feelings and thoughts.

So regardless of what you’re currently feeling, head on down to TrollsTopia at USS to find your happy place today!

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