4 reasons to play USSHHN5 mobile game

You can now carry the experience of Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 5 (HHN5) haunted houses in your pocket.

USSHHN5 game

Based HHN5’s theme the Blood Moon, the game USSHHN5, is available for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones. This is the first year that we’re launching a companion game to HHN

As the protagonist of the game, you’ll experience how the blood moon has caused mayhem on earth. You have the power to vanquish monsters and ghouls by drawing symbols on your screen.

In the game, you will go through three levels based on the haunted houses at HHN5 this year:

  • Siloso Gateway Block 50’s HDB block
  • Tunnel People’s sewers
  • Hell House’s mansion

With each level, the game gets more difficult as more monsters come out to ambush you.


Here are four reasons you need to download the game now:

Reason 1: The game is based on HHN5’s haunted houses


The levels in the game are based on the themes of the haunted houses at HHN5.

While the interior is not an exact replica, you get the same feeling of doom as you travel in the houses. The background music is creepy so remember to turn the volume up.

Reason 2: Vanquish ghouls

usshhn5 sg block 0
Residents of Siloso Gateway Block 50 welcome you to the block warming party.

For fans of horror, this game lets you play the role of a Ghostbuster, going around “busting” ghosts without the need for proton packs.

The game is also for people who are afraid of horror. The more of a scaredy cat you are, the more you should play this game. You can channel your fear of HHN5 into the game by destroying the supernatural.

Remember that your super powers only apply in the game so don’t try it in the actual haunted houses.

Reason 3: Challenge your friends while queuing

USSHHN5 game
In the hallway of Hell House.

If you ever run out of topics to talk about during your queues at HHN5, take out your phones and start playing USSHHN5.

Challenge each other and see who finishes the game fastest. The person who’s slowest to finish the game will lead your group into the house.

Reason 4: Get S$1 rebate with the app


Download the app and save S$1 on a Halloween Horror Nights* combo meal.

The promotion is available at Loui’s NY Pizza Palor, Goldilocks, Fossil Fuels, Mel’s Drive-In and StarBot Café during HHN5 nights. Other Terms & Conditions apply.


Reviews of USSHHN5 game

Here’s what some players say about the game:

I just finished the game (around 30 min). This game provides you a full cinematic halloween experiences. Nice level design, [even though] it does not detect some of our drawings though… Playing with headphone in a dark room is a must!

– Ivan

Fun game. Play in a dark place with earphones.

– Lewis

Simple yet fun to play! Love the horror theme too!

-Chee Ming

USSHHN5 game

Download the game:

Are you ready? Download the game from your operating system’s app store now:

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