#OnTheJob With RWS: Larry Lee, USS Park Ambassador

Behind the glitzy façade of Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is a tireless group of Team Members (TMs) who strive to provide a guest experience that WOWs.

And this Labour Day, we shine the spotlight on the first of a recurring series featuring our valued TMs. Find out more about how they go over and beyond their usual duties to create a more enjoyable experience for guests like yourselves!

Today, we speak with Larry Lee, an affable Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Park Ambassador who believes we’re never too old to set another goal or have a new dream.

Larry Lee, Park Ambassador, Universal Studios SingaporePictured: Larry with guests at USS. Say “Hi” or flash Larry a smile if you see him creating his Sesame Street-themed water art on park grounds!

RWScoop: Hi Larry, are you able to share more about your role as a Park Ambassador?
Larry: I tend to interact a lot with our guests – creating water art and balloon sculptures, providing directions, handing out maps and show schedules, assisting them with queries and photos – it’s all part of the job! Also, I help to maintain the cleanliness of the park and its restrooms, and make sure the park is safe for and operationally ready before it opens.

RWScoop: That sure sounds like a busy but fulfilling schedule. By the way, congratulations for reaching your 10th year of service with USS!
Larry: Thank you! I used to work in a corporate role with minimal human interaction. However, since becoming a Park Ambassador, I’ve realised that I enjoy interacting with guests and surprising them with fantastic service – their display of appreciation is one of the best takeaways I get from my job.

Many look for flexibility and a work-life balance in a job, and that’s what I’ve found in my role as a Park Ambassador. It’s important to share the same values as the team you work with, and I’m glad that my team is warm and caring.

RWScoop: Thank you for sharing your story! If there’s a piece of career advice you could have given to your younger self, what would it be?
Larry: Oh, plenty! No matter what sort of environment or company you’ll be working in, these tips will definitely come in handy:

1. Always adopt the right attitude and equip yourself with the requisite knowledge of your work
2. Grab every opportunity that comes in your way – that’s how confidence is gained and built
3. Be happy and master the art of getting along with people – communication is key
4. Remember to have quality family time – go on holidays!

RWScoop: Wise words indeed. As a parting shot, what are your thoughts on retirement?
Larry: As the saying goes, “idle time is the devil’s workshop” – keeping yourself busy keeps you healthy and happy. I believe in active retirement; there are many things you can do after you’ve retired. For example, you can:

1. Do more volunteer work
2. Take the time to pursue your interests
3. Set up a business or work on a part-time basis
4. Exercise more to keep yourself alert

At Resorts World Sentosa, it is our goal to create valuable opportunities for a fulfilling career. Like Larry, you too can explore a meaningful career after retirement. Check out suitable positions here!

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