14 Universal Studios Singapore facts you might not know

Ask any Singaporean if they have heard of Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and you’ll probably get this reaction.

But how much do they really know about the region’s only Hollywood movie theme park? What are some of the “secret” facts about USS? Let us take you on a trip around USS to find out more.


  1. ‘Real’ building in Hollywood


All the buildings you see in the Hollywood zone are modelled after actual buildings. Most notably, Mel’s Drive-In, which appeared in George Lucas’s “American Graffiti”.

American Graffiti was also the film that allowed George Lucas to raise enough funds for his Star Wars series. Star Wars fans be like:

  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame at Universal Studios Singapore

Have you counted how many stars there are in the Hollywood Walk of Fame? We have only 59 in USS, but the actual Hollywood Walk of Fame has over 2,500.

  1. That’s a Wrap!

For those who just want to get Universal Studios Singapore merchandise, there is a retail store right outside the park, That’s a Wrap! You don’t need a USS Day Pass for this (Yay!).

However, the selection is pretty limited, so if you’re looking to shop extensively, you will still have to head inside the park.

  1. Happy birthday!

Here’s a secret: You can collect a small birthday gift if you choose to celebrate your birthday in USS. Just head down to the Guest Services Lobby to redeem your gift.

  1. Unusual names on the windows


Ever noticed unusual names on the windows in Hollywood and New York? They actually belong to people who helped build Universal Studios Singapore.

It is a tradition in other Universal Studios park too, so look for the names when you visit other Universal parks around the world.


New York

  1. What does KT’s Grill mean?

KT's Grill at Universal Studios Singapore
KT’s Grill at Universal Studios Singapore

Speaking of names, the KT’s Grill restaurant is named after Genting Group’s chairman, Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay. The KT stems from his initials.

  1. Only in Singapore

USS New York Public Library
New York Public Library at USS.

The façade of the New York Public Library in USS is in fact the only one amongst the Universal Studios theme park made in 3D. The other Universal Studios only have it in 2D.


Sci Fi

  1. Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle

Most people who have been on the Transformers ride think they’re just moving around a levelled track. In actual fact, Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle is a double storey ride!

The vehicle stealthily goes up at city chase scene where we get chased by Grindor and enter a subway tunnel. It then descends again at the 2nd last scene where Megatron pulls us down the building and Bumblebee saves the day! All these (combined with the special effects) are what make the experience at Transformers so realistic!

  1. Tallest duelling roller coaster in the world


The Battlestar Galactica is the tallest duelling roller coaster in the world at 42.5m high. It may not be the tallest standalone coaster in the world (that award is currently held by Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure at 139m), but we guarantee that 14-storey drop is pretty thrilling – coupled with the fact that you’ll be passing just metres away from another coaster that’s ‘duelling’ you.


Lost World

  1. What is the quickest ride?

Tip: Wait for the Canopy Flyer ride vehicle to come into the frame for a more awesome shot.

Canopy Flyer is the shortest ride in USS at only 53 seconds, but also one of the most popular rides (expect long queue times). Yup, it’ll be over before you know it but that’s all the more reason to go again and again.

  1. Ever wanted to visit the Visitor Centre in Jurassic Park?


Now you can. The Discovery Food Court in Lost World is modelled after the Visitor Centre in the movie, complete with a full-sized centrepiece of the Tyrannosaur.


Far Far Away

  1. A secret hideout

Princess Fiona's Royal Parlor, all set up for a lucky kid's birthday.
Princess Fiona’s Royal Parlor, all set up for a lucky kid’s birthday.

There is a secret room in the Far Far Away Castle that you can book for birthday parties and proposals (just like them). Birthday packages start from S$118++ per kid.

  1. Real life onion carriage

Onion Carriage
Onion Carriage

And after you’re done with Shrek 4D in the castle, catch a glimpse of the onion carriage in real life. It’s tucked away in the canopy next to the Frog Fountain.


  1. Does this tree look familiar?

Madagascar at Universal Studios Singapore

That’s because it appeared in the Madagascar series, where King Julien and the lemurs lived. The hanging skeleton was also in the movie.


There you have it. How many of these facts about our favourite theme park in Singapore did you know?

Now that you’re equipped with these “secret” knowledge, it is time to make another trip down to check them out for yourself.


First Timer's Guide to Universal Studios Singapore USS

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