This Easter, the Egg Lord is getting married


The Lord of Eggingham, or Egg Lord in short. One year ago, through a sheer twist of incomprehensible fate, he was plucked from obscurity and launched into the royal spotlight. Notorious for hosting the most extravagant parties in royal history, nothing could deploy him from his mantle, except perhaps his wife-to-be. We spoke to the lord himself who, strangely, appears less than excited.

You don’t seem like the marriage sort of guy. What happened?
It’s the rules of the monEGGchy. According to the EGGdicts, I must be married within one year of my inauguration, or I will be forced to surrender all privelEGGes, including my royal purple coat! So in a last ditched attempt to save my royal standing, the board of DirEGGtors planned this arranged marriage to an undisclosed suitor.

So you’ve not even met her. Any pre-marital jitters?
I hope she looks good, but not better than me!

Where is your dream honeymoon destination?
Las VEGGas. Marriage is a gamble anyway, no?

Totally agree. So what’s the best and worst marriage advice you’ve heard so far?
I’m not sure if they are considered best or worst but my father told me to never put all my eggs in one basket. And if I don’t succeed, try EGGain. He also said there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Very practical. Last question: we heard you have a new flying contraption?
As the Chief EGGsecutive Officer of the first hot EGG balloon club, I have decided to up our game this year. Instead of a hot EGG balloon, a new contraption beyond your wildest EGGspectations will be unveiled. But that’s all I will reveal. You’ll have to come see it for yourself.

Thank you my Lord, may you live happily ever after. Ladies and gentlemen, you are cordially invited to attend the Egg Lord’s wedding at Eggingham Castle, located within Universal Studios Singapore.


RWS Invites Attractions (Universal Studios Singapore) members get free admission to the wedding, and the accompanying festivities.
For everyone else, find out how to get your passes to the wedding, below.

Get your tickets to USS Easter Eggstravaganza

easter-eggstravaganza-2016 featured

The Eggslusive Easter bundle gives you admission to USS and access to the three exclusive Easter entitlements:

  • Egg Hunt
  • Live musical stageshow “An unEGGspected Wedding”
  • Exclusive session with Easter characters at Eggingham Gardens

Adult S$79; Child S$59; Senior S$41

Visit dates are from 7 March to 17 April.


If you already bought admission to the Park, you can top up S$10 online for the Easter entitlements. [It’s S$15 if you decide to do it at the park.]


Easter Lunch at Casa Del Wild


Join characters from Madagascar at the Easter Buffet Lunch at Casa Del Wild for photo opp and egg painting. Two slots are available.

Time: 11am to 12.30pm or 1.30pm to 3pm
Price: Adult/Senior: S$38 | Child (ages 4 to 12): S$28

(Price includes Easter 2016 Admission. Separate Universal Studios Singapore Admission is required.)

S.E.A. Aquarium Ocean Eggsploration

S.E.A. Aquarium easter

From 7 March to 17 April, the Aquarium celebrates Easter with a special educational egg hunt, appearances by the Easter bunny underwater, an interactive session with dolphins and more. Find out more about the programme on the S.E.A Aquarium blog.


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