5 reasons why Universal Studios Singapore’s Christmas Parade is worth staying back for

uss christmas parade

There’s something about parades that add a sense of occasion and sparkle to any celebration. Maybe it’s the lavish floats, dancers in ornate costumes or infectious street party vibes. Santa’s Snowy Sleigh Ride Christmas Parade at Universal Studios Singapore’s A Universal Christmas checks all these boxes, and more. uss christmas parade

Here are 5 reasons why you should stay back for the full parade that takes place only once a day at 7.45pm (timing subject to change):

1. Biggest Christmas parade ever

Compared to just one Santa’s push float accompanied by 10 characters in 2017, this year’s Santa’s Snowy Sleigh Ride Christmas Parade is four times bigger with four push-float contingents flanked by up to 50 characters and dancing elves.
Universal Christmas USS Christmas parade

Universal Christmas USS Christmas parade
Universal Christmas USS Christmas parade

Universal Christmas USS Christmas parade
Image credits: @angel_miss_u

2. It leads up to Santa’s Christmas Light-Up Party

The parade culminates to an even bigger party: Santa’s Christmas Light-Up Party at New York. Witness the stunning projection mapping, join in the mass dance and take photos with your favourite characters in a special meet & greet session.

Image credits: @mypillowsofterthanyours

Image credits: @ninjapris

3. It snows

Everything is magical when it snows. Be sure to grab your camera or mobile phone the moment you see the first ‘snow flakes’ drift down.

Image credits: @shin_universal_photo
Image credits: @angel_miss_u

4. Buildings ‘come alive’ with projection mapping

Watch the New York Public Library and other buildings along New York turn into living canvases depicting festive scenes.

Did New York Public Library turn into a gingerbread house? Image credits: @oseowwei

5. Christmas Fireworks Spectacular

While this is not part of the show, it is worth staying back for after the parade and Santa’s Christmas Light-Up Party. It only takes place on Saturday evenings at 10pm, just before the park closes.

Image credits: @ileesum33
Image credits: @clifford2828

Tips for the best USS Christmas parade experience

1. Catch the evening parade
There are 2 parades every day: 2pm & 7.45pm (timings may be subject to change). The afternoon parade is the teaser show featuring only Santa’s push float contingent. If time is not a concern, we strongly recommend that you stay for the full parade in the evening.

2. Know the route, find the best spots
Both parades will go around the park, starting from Sci-Fi City through Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar, before stopping at Hollywood (afternoon parade) or New York (evening parade).

If you prefer to stay in one place to take pictures of the contingents without following them around, here’s what you can do:

  • Afternoon parade: park yourself at Hollywood where the contingent will make a final pit stop for a meet & greet session.
  • Evening parade: find a spot along New York as the contingents will park themselves there prior to Santa’s Christmas Light-Up Party. Stand closer to New York Public Library if you wish to have a better view of the stage, and take pictures with the characters during the meet & greet at the end of the Light-Up Party.

3. Use free Wifi
Free Wifi is available within Universal Studios Singapore. Just search for GuestWifi@RWS and start sharing your #usschristmas moments via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

As with all shows in Universal Studios Singapore, timings are subject to change and may be cancelled due to inclement weather. For the day’s show timings, please pick up a copy of the show schedule right after the turnstile entrance.

USS Christmas 2018
Extended operating hours

  • 2 – 20 Dec: Extended till 9pm (Sun – Thu) and 10pm (Fri & Sat)
  • 21 – 30 Dec: Extended till 10pm daily
  • 31 Dec: Extended till 12am next day


Venue: Universal Studios Singapore
Date: 1 December 2018 to 1 January 2019

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