5 tips to ace the Universal Studios Singapore auditions

This article has been updated on 29 February 2016 to reflect the latest Universal Studios Singapore Auditions date.

So you’ve always wanted a stage to call your own, perform in front of a live audience or entertain people and make their day?

Good news. Universal Studios Singapore is searching for talented entertainers who can add to the uniquely exciting experience, such as singers, dancers, breakdancers, stiltwalkers, celebrity look-alikes, character actors, and voice impersonators.

uss auditions 2015

But to make your dream come true, you need to first ace the audition. Here are some tips to help you get your foot in.

1. Hello sunshine

Universal Studios Singapore is a family fun theme park, so performers are expected to be fun loving and cheerful. Try to maintain a sunny persona throughout the whole experience and please watch your language in the waiting room.


2. Do your homework

When it comes to auditions, preparation and confidence are everything. If you are a singer, choose a song that not only suits your voice but also showcases your personality. If you are an actor, research all aspects of your character including their accent and mannerisms.

Come dressed in the theme of your chosen character as it will help greatly with your portrayal. After all, Frankenstein shouldn’t walk and talk like Kungfu Panda, right?

Frank vs Po

Please bring a current, non-returnable headshot and resume/CV.

3. Dress right

Attending the dance audition? Wear fitted clothing that you can move in and makes you look your best.

Ladies, please apply some makeup and ensure your hair is done. When in doubt, check the Universal Studios Singapore website to research on how our performers look when in character. And please, no birthday suits.


4. Measure up

Read the role requirements carefully to ensure that you physically fit the character you have chosen in terms of height and build. For example if you are tall, don’t waste your timing auditioning to be the next Minion.

tall short

5. Pack some snacks

A hungry man is an angry man. And angry people don’t fare well in auditions. It may take a while before it is your turn so it pays to be well prepared with snacks and drinks.

In fact, if you make it all the way through, you may need to stick around longer for an information briefing session on working at Universal Studios Singapore.


Universal Studios Singapore Audition Tour 2016

Ready to give it a shot? Attend the Universal Studios Singapore Audition Tour 2016 in any of these three major cities: Singapore, Melbourne, and Sydney

• Singapore – 12 & 13 Mar 2016
Melbourne – 15 & 16 Mar 2016
Sydney – 18 & 19 Mar 2016

Universal Studios Singapore auditions timetable:

Day 1 – Saturday, 12 March 2016
9.30am Stilt-walkers
11am Singers who can dance/Dancers who can sing (Be prepared to stay for dance callbacks and to return on Day 2 for final callbacks)
2pm Dancers (Break Dancers, Animated)
Day 2 – Sunday, 13 March 2016
9.30am Character Actors/Hosts/Improvisational Actors
11am Singer/Dancer Callbacks
12.30pm Dancers (Break Dancers, Animated)

Please note that registration will close 1 hour after the above stated audition time. Find out more about the Universal Studios Singapore Auditions 2016.

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