7 people who shouldn’t go to USS 2015 countdown

2014 is ending and you know what follows…2015!

Lame mathematical problems aside, a new year also means countdown parties. Universal Studios Singapore (USS) will be hosting its own New Year countdown party, Dance in the Park! A Neon Countdown to 2015, from 5pm, 31 December 2014 to 1am, 1 January 2015.

USS 2015 countdown

While we really want everybody to go to the countdown party, we know that there are some people who might not be able to enjoy it fully.

To set expectations and prevent disappointment, we share this blog post about the seven types of people who shouldn’t come for Dance in the Park!

But we also know that you might still want to come despite all odds so we’ve included suggestions on how to overcome your difficulty.


#1 You don’t like Black Eye Peas

If Black Eye Peas is your version of Nickelback (unofficial most-hated group in recent times), then you shouldn’t come to Dance in the Park. The Black Eyed Tease, dubbed the No. 1 tribute band to Black Eye Peas will be performing.

Based on the videos of their performance, the Las Vegas group looks uncannily similar to the original band (which I guess is the whole purpose of a tribute band).

If you’re allergic to Black Eye Peas but really want to come to Dance in the Park!, try to avoid the areas where Black Eyed Tease is performing.


#2 You’re afraid of fireworks

Fireworks at USS
Fireworks, lots and lots of fireworks

There will be A LOT of fireworks at Dance in the Park! You shouldn’t come if you have fear of bright lights and loud noises fireworks.

The brand new fireworks show will have the most fireworks used in the history of USS fireworks (almost 2,000 products). You have been warned.

If you’re afraid of fireworks but really want to come, we suggest bringing earplugs to block out the noise.

#3 You find pop and party music annoying

DJ toMU at USS NYE party
Dance the night away with mixes by DJ toMU.

If you think current pop tunes are poison to your ears, do not come to Dance in the Park because there will be loads of party music.

Japanese DJ toMU will be mixing party and Top 40s music. When there’s a DJ, expect a lot of dancing too.

For those who dislike pop music, buy your earplugs in advance or bring your Discman and plug your ears.

#4 You don’t like colourful lights

LED stilt walker
LED stilt walkers are waiting for you.

If you’re like Batman and prefer to hide in the dark (wait, Batman does hide in the dark, right?), then it’s better to not be at USS for the countdown.

In contrast to Halloween Horror Nights where the lighting was dark, there’ll be a lot of lights at Dance in the Park.

You can take photos with LED stilt walkers at the Meet and Greet and see other LED performance such as LED poi and LED water drums.

To counter the bright lights, bring your shades. Not only will you look mysterious, you’ll get a lot of attention as others try to guess if you’re a celebrity.

LED water drums at USS Dance in the Park
LED water drums at USS Dance in the Park
LED poi at USS Dance in the Park New Year countdown
LED poi at USS Dance in the Park New Year countdown

 #5 You don’t like selfies

selfie at USS

If you were one of the people who wrote petitions to remove the word “selfie” as Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year, please don’t go to the countdown.

Not only will there be a lot of people taking selfies, their Instagram photos with #ussnye hashtag will be streamed on the big screen.

While we’re at it, please don’t read this post on the Top 10 Places for Selfies at RWS. But if you want to come, you can photobomb others’ selfies/wefies.

#6 You who don’t like theme park rides

Well, it’s kind of ironic to include this item since USS is a theme park but we need to cover all our bases.

If you don’t like rides, you’ll miss out on half the fun since selected rides will be open throughout the night.

It’ll be really awesome taking the Canopy Flyer for a bird’s eye view of the lights in USS. Unless you’re the type who close your eyes on rides.

But you can still enjoy the night without taking any of the rides, just go dancing and taking your selfies.

#7 You are Cinderella

Dance in the Park starts from 5pm and ends at 1am. If you’re Cinderella, you won’t be able to countdown to 2015 since you need to leave before midnight or else your carriage will turn into a pumpkin. Sorry about that, may we suggest GrabTaxi?

If you’re not Cinderella, you’d be glad to know that there’ll be free complimentary shuttle bus from 11.30pm (31 Dec 2014) to 2.30am (1 Jan 2015)

Boarding Point Destination Frequency
RWS 8 (outside Resorts World Convention Centre, Basement 1) HarbourFront MRT Every 10 mins
RWS Coach Bay, Basement 1 Bedok MRT Every 30 mins
Clementi MRT
Toa Payoh MRT

Seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Should the bus be full, kindly wait for the next bus at the designated area

If you really are Cinderella, just be sure to get home before midnight. Since the event starts from 5pm, there’s plenty of time for you to enjoy the rest of the event.

Get your tickets to Dance in the Park!

Assuming you aren’t any of the seven types of people (or that our advice helped), grab your tickets to New Year’s Eve Event.

Ticket Types Prices
New Year’s Eve Event Ticket
Valid for visit on 31 Dec 2014 from 5pm to 1am.
Online Special – $61
for purchase of min. 2 tickets (U.P. $68)Standard Admission Ticket – $68
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