Ultimate Marine Encounters at S.E.A.A, Adventure Cove Waterpark

Ultimate Marine Encounter

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Sea Trek® Adventure

Experience a world bustling with thousands of marine animals, and get up close with some of the most majestic gentle giants of the sea! Stroll amongst colourful marine life whilst manta rays glide around you. Sea Trek® is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that lets you walk and breathe freely as you explore the ocean realm.

Here’s what you’ll experience while on the Sea Trek® Adventure

Shark Encounter

Feel the intense thrill of being circled by hammerhead, silvertip and sandbar sharks, just to name a few, in our Shark Seas habitat! Like never before, put yourself inches away from these stealthy marine predators, as you watch in awe from the safety of a customised acrylic enclosure.

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Ray Bay

Feel the magic of wading and interacting with dozens of rays. Sign up for an up-close encounter to feed and interact with these friendly creatures as you touch their velvety wings. Learn more about these amazing marine animals in a memorable encounter filled with wonder and discovery today!

Find out what it’s like feeding rays from your hands.

Open Ocean Dive

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring Open Ocean habitat, the centrepiece of S.E.A. Aquarium. Descend up to 12 metres to marvel at majestic manta rays, groupers, and schools of fish swimming in unison for an unforgettable up-close encounter with the ocean’s gentle giants.

SCUBA-certification is required. Please contact us to pre-book. Walk-ins will not be entertained.

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