[TRIVIA] OPTIMUS PRIME: 28 Transformative Years

Overheard: Shopper in a toy store commenting on how “sexy” the OPTIMUS PRIME action figure is. Yes, that AUTOBOT dude with red flames on blue metal body is not only making boys drool, it is charming the socks off female consumers too.

Optimus in Dark Side of the Moon
Here's looking at you, sexy.

But for people who just jumped on the TRANSFORMERS bandwagon, OPTIMUS PRIME didn’t always look the way it’s depicted in the TRANSFORMERS movies. The AUTOBOTS leader has gone through several wardrobe changes over the years.

To understand how it began, let’s travel 28 years back in time. The popular franchise has its roots in Japanese toy company Takara’s transforming robot toylines. Hasbro rebranded them as TRANSFORMERS for the North American market and eventually bought over the rights to the entire toyline outside Japan .

The premise is simple. Good guys, AUTOBOTS. Baddies, DECEPTICONS. Their leaders, OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON crash landed on Earth with their finest soldiers, and they continued their war. Not only do these robots come in the form of toys, countless comic books, video games and movies based on them have also been produced.


Generation 1 Optimus
Look ma, I transform into a trailer truck

1984: OPTIMUS looks blocky here, but that just shows how macho he is. We love how this Generation 1 model has sexy chest panels AKA windshields from the vehicle mode.

Generation 2 Optimus
Big guns, we like

1993: There aren’t many changes to this Generation 2 model. But OPTIMUS now comes with black launchers and red missiles accessories. An OPTIMUS fan club? Sign us up now!

Go - Bot Optimus
I don’t really like how my legs are stuck together

1995: OPTIMUS’ vehicle mode hasn’t always been a battle convoy. In this Go-Bot edition, the fearless leader of the AUTOBOTS transforms into a Lamborghini. Sure, the suave car may look dashingly cool, but we prefer our OPTIMUS to look a little more intimidating.

TRANSFORMERS: Universe Optimus
Are shoulder pads back in fashion already?

2003: A new version of OPTIMUS PRIME is created for a new storyline known as TRANSFORMERS: Universe. No offense to TRANSFORMERS fans, but isn’t OPTIMUS PRIME supposed to be a dignified robot in disguise? What’s with the weird-looking hands?

Surely one blog entry isn’t enough to show you how OPTIMUS has taken on different forms over the years. Just take a look at how the powerful warrior found his way into a sports shoe and a music player dock.

Optimus sports shoe
Running increases metabolism, and some say, vitality


Optimus speaker
We love our music loud and clear

And aren’t these Kreons, the latest incarnations of the TRANSFORMERS, simply adorable?

Kreons at Resorts World Sentosa
There’s so much to see at Resorts World Sentosa


Catch them at the TRANSFORMERS Cybertron Con 2012, held at Resorts World Convention Centre from March 11 to 14. Besides checking out the exclusive merchandise (expect limited editions of OPTIMUS PRIME), watch out for the appearance of Mr Hideaki Yoke, Takara’s lead designer for TRANSFORMERS.

For more information on the largest gathering ever of Transformers fans at Resorts World Sentosa, visit http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Specials/CybertronCon2012

All toy images from http://tfwiki.net/

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