‘Trick or Treat’: New Live Show At Pantages Hollywood Theater That’s Great For Kids

Sesame Street’s beloved character, the Count, has arrived at Universal Studios Singapore and will be bringing guests a brand new original live show, Trick or Treat, at Pantages Hollywood Theater from 2 September to 4 November 2017.

The Count comes to USS

Despite its Halloween theme, this 20-minute music and dance extravaganza is not at all scary. The show’s underlying message is that of forgiveness and friendship, making it an extremely engaging way for kids to learn moral lessons.

“A night with no terror, no fright, and somewhat scary monsters.” (Narrator)

The Plot


The story begins with the characters of Sesame Street dressed in their Halloween costumes, explaining that Halloween is about going Trick or Treating. While Oscar initially does not want to dress up for Halloween – claiming he’ll just come as a grouch – his friends eventually manage to persuade him to join them.

The Count goes Trick or Treating

In the following scene, the Count decides to go Trick or Treating at Sesame Street to collect candy to, well, count, and the residents give him all their candy because of his “great costume”.

All the houses are out of candy!

When the other Sesame Street characters begin Trick or Treating, they find that all the houses are out of candy. They then take a guess at who has all the candy…

The Count has all the candy!

…and are shocked to find piles and piles of candy at the Count’s castle!

What will they do next?


A visual spectacle

Aside from being a visual spectacle full of vibrant sets and coloured lights, the show is injected with bouts of light-hearted humour and is brilliantly crafted to take young viewers through a problem-solving process.

Pantages Hollywood Theater’s superb acoustics also give viewers the feeling that the cast is singing right next to them. At one point, the cast even runs down the stage and up to the stalls so the audience can get up-close with their favourite Sesame Street characters.

A show about forgiveness and friendship

I left Pantages Hollywood Theater with Count’s song reverberating in my head, and found myself going “1, 2, 3…1, 2, 3” even a couple of hours after the show. Needless to say, Trick of Treat is extremely effective in teaching young viewers how to count through song and dance. More than that, it uses a simple problem to impart the values of forgiveness and friendship to viewers.

I would definitely recommend this show to families with young children. Teens and adults who wish to reminisce their childhood will also not be disappointed.

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