Trick Eye Museum at RWS, where seeing is not really believing

Trick Eye Museum Singapore has unveiled new exhibits on 31 Oct 2015. Check out the new displays.


Welcome to Trick Eye Singapore

See yourself levitating. Become a giant. Join the circus.

Look the part in these scenes and more, at the Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa, soon to open on 8 June 2014.

Trick Eye Museum is one of Korea’s top museum since it opened in 2010 and it is best known for using optical illusions to make images look realistically 3-D. They make awesome one-of-a-kind photos for a generation sold on selfies and Instagram.

Trompe, what?

This illusion technique is based on trompe l’oeil, originally a French term meaning ‘deceive the eye’. It’s an art technique that uses realistic imagery, precise dimensions and optical illusion to make 2-D images look 3-D.

Remember those realistic street art that makes you feel like you could just fall in? It’s a similar concept.

What’s unique about the Singapore museum?

Merlion at Trick Eye Singapore

The Trick Eye Museum at Resorts World Sentosa’s Waterfront is its first museum opening outside Korea. This museum will have exhibits that reflect Singapore’s city landscape and atmosphere. For instance, there’s a Merlion-themed exhibit that you can even “sit” on for photos.

Big baby at Trick Eye Singapore

Another first is a sculpture of a giant baby at the centre of the museum. It will be the first time such an exhibit is shown to the world.

Check out the images below for some illusionary tricks you can expect this June.

Head on a plate at Trick Eye Singapore


Whale at Trick Eye Singapore


Snake in the house at Trick Eye Singapore

trick eye museum singapore

Details on Trick Eye Museum

How to get to Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10am to 9pm

Ticket price

  • Adult $25/pax
  • Kids (age 4-12)/Senior Citizen (age 60 & above) $20/pax

RWS Invites members get 20% Invites rebate (in the form of Invites$) on tickets to Trick Eye Museum.

Buy tickets to Trick Eye Museum online at RWS website.

Tips for taking photos at Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum Singapore: Tips for taking best photos

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