Top 10 selfie spots in RWS

You’ve probably seen the record-breaking Oscar selfie by Ellen DeGeneres or the selfie Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee took with his Malaysian counterpart Najib at the Commonwealth leaders’ meeting.

Selfies are the in thing in photography now that even celebrities and politicians are jumping on board. Which is why, we think you should too (if you haven’t).

To help you along, here are 10 selfie spots you shouldn’t miss when you visit Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), plus some tips to create the best selfie at these locations.

Universal Studios Singapore

1. Universal Globe


Tip: Wait for the entire ‘Universal’ word to appear before taking pressing the button.

2. Ancient Egypt: Royal Anubis

RWS USS Ancient Egypt

Tip: Do not stand right below the Royal Anubis. Stand slightly further away to get the entire statue into the picture frame.

3. Lost World: At the Jurassic Park gates

RWS USS Jurassic Park

Tip: Stand opposite Jurassic Outfitters (the retail outlet) so that you can capture the Jurassic Park gate and the Canopy Flyer ride (the rails in the background) in the same shot.

S.E.A. Aquarium

4. Ocean Journey – Sea jellies
SEA Aquarium sea jelly

Tip: It is rather dark in the aquarium so choose a spot where you can get some light on your face while having the sea jellies as your background.

5. Open Ocean Habitat

RWS SEAA oceanarium

Tip: Before you rush down to admire the marine animals, stand at the highest level first in order to capture the width of the viewing panel (it’s huge!).

Maritime Experiential Museum

6. Maritime Silk Route


Tip: Be creative! Merge into the exhibits and become part of the rich maritime history.

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

7. Guitar outside lobby area

RWS Hard Rock Hotel

Tip: Use a bottom-up angle to get the whole guitar in the frame.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

8. Adventure River

RWS ACW Adventure River

Tip: Grab onto the float tight. Waterproof your camera!

9. Wave Pool

RWS ACW Wave Pool

Festive Hotel

10. Artwork at check-in counter

RWS Festive hotel

Tip: Stand at a corner and avoid the crowd. Or come back at a less busy time.

Grab your friends and family for a day out at RWS and challenge each other for the best selfie. Have fun!

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