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You love the water and the sun, have the eyes of a hawk and jump in headfirst when you spot trouble. Perhaps your calling is that of a lifeguard; but be warned – it’s not like what you see on TV.

Lifeguard work is serious business with serious responsibilities. That said, Adventure Cove Waterpark is also a place to have fun, so a lifeguard here is all about balancing water safety and delivering a great experience.

We chatted with Dan Guoxiong, a new lifeguard with the Adventure Cove Waterpark who holds a passion for the deep blue sea, on what being part of the ACW team entails.

1. Hi Guoxiong, how long have you been working with Adventure Cove Waterpark?

I have been with the team for more than a month now. Prior to this I was pursuing my studies, but what sparked my interest and love for the water was being a diver in the Naval Diving Unit while serving my national service. It boosted my water confidence and physical fitness as well.

2. So, what are the basic requirements to be a lifeguard?

You need to be able to swim confidently, be physically fit and have the right attitude towards this job.

3. What would being an Adventure Cove Waterpark lifeguard be like?

Training with the Jeff Ellis and Associates instructors, a renowned American aquatic risk management consultancy firm.
Training with the Jeff Ellis and Associates instructors, a renowned American aquatic risk management consultancy firm.

As a lifeguard that would be looking out for the safety of all our guests, we have to perform to strict protocols that have been developed by Jeff Ellis and Associates Aquatic Risk Management Company. They are considered to be the world leaders in the industry and are currently running programs in the USA, Middle East, Korea and now Singapore.

We are taught everything from how to be pro-active, perform difficult rescues in the water, CPR and First Aid, how to remain vigilant at all times, as well as practicing worst case scenarios. All of this in an effort to ensure the best level of protection and service to our customers.

4. What are some of the challenges?

For us, it’s about constantly maintaining the highest standards of aquatic care through regular training and keeping up to date with lifeguard knowledge and skills. It’s also a balance between delivering the best experience to our guests while ensuring that safety standards are not compromised.

5. How has your experience with ACW been thus far? Anything interesting?

I look forward to work every day because there’s always something to learn. There is trust in the workplace and it’s an environment that develops me as an individual, because everyone is helpful.

Ever since I joined Adventure Cove Waterpark I’ve learned a lot of things, from understanding the development of a water park attraction to the critical logistics of a water park’s pre-opening phase.

We’ve been busy going to the construction site to mark the progress and also tackling potential operational issues. At the moment we also have weekly trainings at swimming pools to maintain our physical fitness and water confidence.

As far as interesting incidents, I can say that we’re the first to try out the park facilities! Just recently, 12 of us from the aquatic safety team tested out the first water theme park ride; this was part of the thousand cycles of testing and we all had to take turns trying it out. It was pretty wild.

6. What do you look forward to the most?

Looking ahead, this job is going to be fascinating. There are so many facets to the water park; we have wave pools, water slides and river rides and more. I believe my knowledge and skills from my days with the Naval Diving Unit will come in handy here.

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to be part of the pre-opening team for such a large scale attraction and am looking forward to the opening.

7. Who can apply as an ACW lifeguard?

Somebody who loves water! Basically anyone who is comfortable with interacting with guests, working at a water park environment, can swim and who views safety as top priority.

8. Three words to describe an ACW lifeguard.

Driven, passionate, professional.

9. Why did you choose to be a lifeguard at Adventure Cove Waterpark instead of elsewhere?

It’s something new and exciting. Of course, we have to assure that we execute our duties well and perform above expectations, but because we’re working at a water theme park, we’ll be doing more than just that.

We’ll be working together to create a memorable experience for our guests. It’s about working together with team members to ensure safety, yet at the same time delivering a fun experience for guests. Who knows, it could lead to a great new career opportunity.

10. Any words of advice to someone interested in being a lifeguard here?

Take up the challenge, and you will not regret it. There’s a lot of room for growth. It’s a once in a life time opportunity to be part of such a large scale attraction in Singapore. That, together with the working environment, makes it so special.


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