4 things you don’t need to bring to Adventure Cove Waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Now that the haze is gone (hopefully for good), it’s time to have fun outdoors. Come over to Adventure Cove Waterpark (ACW) and chill out in the cool water as you soak up the sun.

We understand it’s a hassle for you to bring your barang-barang (stuff) along when all you want to do is have fun. So we gathered this list of things you do not need to bring to ACW, to help you with your planning. Now you can come to ACW with the least amount of baggage.

1. Flotation device

Adventure River at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Whether it is a float, an inflatable ring or a swimming board, you can leave them all at home. We’ve got you covered. Grab one of the oversized floats for Adventure River.

You can pick your safety jacket from the bins around the Waterpark. Unlike Cinderella’s glass slipper, we’ve got life jackets in many sizes so there should be one for all shapes and sizes.

Adventure Water Cove life jacket

Adventure Water Cove life jacket

2. Snorkel

Rainbow Reef snorkeling Adventure Cove Waterpark

You don’t have to travel to nearby islands to snorkel with tropical fishes. In fact, you don’t even have to bring your own snorkel when you come to Rainbow Reef.

You’ll be passed a snorkelling set at Rainbow Reef so come without worry.

3. Swimwear, towels and other swim-related toiletries

Adventure Water Cove Reef Wave Wear

If you’re making an impromptu trip to ACW, no fear, you can buy your swimwear and toiletries at the Reef ‘n Wave Wear.

The shop also has plushies and other non-swim related merchandise.

4. Food and drinks

ACW has a no outside food and drinks policy so you won’t be able to bring food and beverages other than plain water.

Actually, you don’t even need to bring water since we have water coolers spread around the Waterpark. You can find them near the entrances to the changing rooms. Just take a sip from the coolers or refill your empty bottles there. For food and drinks, you can buy these at our carts or at Bay Restaurant.

There’s even better news for members of RWS Invites Attractions Pass, Season Pass or RWS Invites, you can get free drinks at the members-only Riptide Lounge.

Adventure Water Cove riptide lounge

The Riptide Lounge is right above Underwater Grotto (find the brown building with stairs leading up).

Adventure Water Cove Riptide Lounge

Adventure Water Cove Riptide Lounge

In the Riptide Lounge, you can relax on the couches, play at the foosball table, watch TV, read magazine and enjoy the drinks. Here are more details about the RWS Invites Attractions membership.

One thing you do need to bring

For your own safety, please wear footwear on your way from your home to Adventure Cove Waterpark. It’s dangerous to walk barefoot. You can leave your footwear in the cubby hole scattered around the Waterpark.


Of course, there are lockers in Adventure Cove Waterpark for you to keep your things, should you want to lockup your belongings.

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