The Season of Giving

It’s the time of the year again! Streets evolve into varying shades of Christmas, lit up by an explosion of light bulbs. Shopping centres start playing (sometimes nauseating) festive favourites like Jingle Bells and Silent Night with the occasional shopper humming along

But what stands out most about Christmas is it being the season of GIVING. To the recipients, joy abounds. To the giver, it often translates into a mad rush of gift-hunting! If the latter describes you, fret no more:)

In the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, we will be recommending a series of one-of-a-kind gifts we’ve scouted for throughout the resort to stop all your hair-pulling, agonizing gift list forming process.

So watch this space for the best deals to share the festive joy this Christmas!

Check out our websitetoo to find out how else you can catch the magic of Christmas at the resort.

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