Q&A with The Sam Willows

The Sam Willows is known for many firsts: the first Southeast Asian band to break into Spotify’s global viral 50 chart and the first Spotify Spotlight Artist in Asia. This week they’re adding another ‘first’ to their accolades.

The Singapore pop quartet will be the first local act to hold a concert at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore when they hold the Take Heart Tour on 22 July. This will be the band’s biggest solo concert in Singapore to-date, with 2,500 fans in attendance.

The homegrown quartet is composed of siblings Benjamin Kheng and Narelle Kheng, and their friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jonathan Chua. They burst into the music scene with their soothing music covers on their YouTube channel on 2012 which now has more than 91,000 subscribers.

We join the the band members on a whirlwind tour… of their quirks and quibbles.

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The Sam Willows members. From left: Benjamin Kheng, Narelle Kheng, Sandra Riley Tang and Jonathan Chua.

Who or what inspires you?

Benjamin Kheng: You do! Whoever is reading this. There’s something amazing about the human spirit, and our ability to pay taxes and yet be happy.
Sandra Riley Tang: People who try and persevere despite the odds stacked against them and in the end come out on top still humble.
Jonathan Chua: I’m inspired by nice scenery.
Narelle Kheng: Good work, passionate people, life.


What do you most dislike?

Benjamin: Not knowing what my next week looks like.
Sandra: Bad customer service.
Jonathan: People who are cruel to animals.
Narelle: Everything.


What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Benjamin: Soya sauce.
Sandra: Hugs.
Jonathan: Iced Milk Tea.
Narelle: Friends.


Are you a dog or cat person? Why?

Benjamin: Dog. Cats are inherently evil and malicious.
Sandra: Cats. There’s a common misconception that cats are inherently evil and malicious when in fact they are just misunderstood. All they want is to be loved, fed, left alone but still be touched for an unpredictable amount of time.
Jonathan: Dogs. Hands down.
Narelle: Dogs 4 lyfe.


What is your greatest fear?

Benjamin: Fish, or heights. Holding a fish while tightrope walking.
Sandra: Heights and clowns.
Jonathan: Clowns.
Narelle: Making mistakes.


Which word or phrase do you most overuse?

Benjamin: “No thanks I don’t drink.”
Sandra: “…like…”
Jonathan: “Don’t shy.”
Narelle: “Siaaaaa.”


Which superpower would you most like to have?

Benjamin: Bending the space-time continuum.
Sandra: Telekinesis.
Jonathan: Super speed.
Narelle: (Thought way too hard for this questions) Telepathy.


What would you never eat?

Benjamin: Frog legs, dog meat.
Sandra: Dog meat, cat meat, human meat, cat poop, dog poop, human poop.
Jonathan: Same as Sandra.
Narelle: Humans.


If you can be anywhere now, where will it be?

Benjamin: Somewhere Nordic to catch the lights!
Sandra: In a field of soft grass with a dozen non-malicious kittens
Jonathan: Probably a John Mayer concert.
Narelle: Los Angeles.

Get your tickets to The Sam Willows Take Heart Tour Live in Singapore

The Sam Willows Take Heart Tour Live in Singapore

When: 22 July (7pm)

Where: The Coliseum

Price: Standard: S$58 (Booking fees excluded)



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