3 reasons you must catch The Painters: HERO at RWS

If you can imagine Pablo Picasso dancing hip hop while he’s painting in front an audience, you’ll get an idea of The Painters: HERO.

In this innovative art performance, we have four Korean artists taking the stage, using different art techniques to turn separate blank canvases into striking paintings, all the while dancing to funky music. Each mini segment usually ends with bringing the art pieces together, revealing a bigger picture with pretty surprising results.

This in your chance to catch them live on stage, here in Resorts World Theatre on 10 and 11 June.

The Painters Hero in Singapore

What’s the story of The Painters: HERO?

In a city where heroes have disappeared, the people are left in hopelessness. Four painters decide to come together to build a Drawing Theatre. Here, they perform for the people to spread artistic inspiration and bring joy back.

Three reasons to catch The Painters: HERO at RWS

  1. You can watch 10 unique art techniques

In the 80-minute show, the skilled artists uses 10 different art techniques, including dust drawing, light scratching, decalcomania, action painting, speed drawing, marbling art, cube art, light drawing, batik technique and charcoal drawing. If these terms don’t make sense to you, just know that they are unique techniques that you usually don’t associate with traditional canvas painting.

Look out for light scratching where the painter carves on glass canvas and marbling art where he draws on water.

  1. You don’t have to travel to Korea to watch them

The Painters: HERO performs daily shows in two theatres in Seoul and Jeju, in Korea. Within five years, the two theatres have staged 7,000 shows and reached over two million international audience. On average, they use at least 1,900 gallons of paint and 21,600 charcoal stumps each year for the shows.

The show in Seoul is is ranked #12 out of 60 Concerts & Shows in the city on TripAdvisor. Don’t miss them when they’re in Singapore as there are only three shows on 10 and 11 June.

  1. It is kid-friendly, and you don’t need to know Korean

Since it’s a non-verbal performance, everyone can enjoy the show even if the only Korean words you know are annyeong and kimchi.

Kids will enjoy the work of arts created out of nothing and laugh at the artists’ energetic mime and dance.

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Get your tickets to The Painters: HERO

Date: 10 – 11 June
Time: Fri: 8pm, Sat: 2pm & 8pm
Venue: Resorts World™ Theatre
Price: S$48, S$68, S$98, S$118, S$138

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