The first ever Starbucks Reserve™ Store

By Jay Tan

Starbucks Reserve Store at Resorts World Sentosa

The third wave of the coffee movement came along and silently changed the way we drink our coffee. Gone are the days where we would settle for a coffee sachet or pre-refined coffee powder. A discerning palate was developed and it asks nothing less than a barista’s precision and skills to be put to the test. Baristas would now require an impeccable attention to detail, from ensuring the right coffee-to-water ratio to a well-rounded grind in order to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

At the newly opened Starbucks Reserve™ Store at Resorts World Sentosa, the message is clear – this isn’t any other regular joint, coffee is serious business.


All the baristas here are Starbucks-certified Coffee Masters who have been put through five grilling tests before being allowed to don the prestigious black apron. There are two brewing methods available, mainly the Pour-Over and French Press. The latter comes as a recommendation for a very personal and almost intimate cuppa.

Starbucks Reserve Store at Resorts World Sentosa

With coarsely grinded beans plunged by a coffee press, the Sumatra origin coffee is no stranger to the French Press. Joined by hot water that measured an approximate 95 degree celsius, the final shot was a distinctive bitter and intense pep, tasted at the back of the palate to give an earthy and crisp character.

Starbucks Reserve Store at Resorts World Sentosa

Comparatively, the West Java is a variation that carried a more subtle aroma with a well-appreciated and subdued acidity. As you sip, you’ll experience a very complex and sharp zap of caffeine that is worthy of many return visits. If you’d like to have your coffee without the tartness, order a chocolate cake to go along, the rich pastry pairs nicely to lend a very robust and deftly addictive flavour.

So whether you’re an ardent coffee geek or just a casual café hopper, being the first and only Starbucks Reserve™ Store in Singapore, this outlet is definitely worth a visit. We expect that Starbucks Reserve™ will add that little kick to energize your day with their ever changing range of selected origin coffee. Be warned though, we’re not responsible for the impending caffeine addiction.

Now go on – pick your poison.

Starbucks Reserve Store
Resorts World at Sentosa – Forum

#01-202 (next to the Lake of Dreams)
Singapore 098138

Tel: 6884 6765

Sundays to Thursday – 8am to 10.30pm
Fridays to Saturdays – 8am to 1am

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