TEPPAN By Chef Yonemura: New Teppanyaki Concept Restaurant at RWS

It’s Teppanyaki meets nouvelle kaiseki at TEPPAN by Chef Yonemura, the latest addition to Resorts World Sentosa’s (RWS’s) line-up of artisanal celebrity chef restaurants.

That’s right, Masayasu Yonemura, the Michelin-starred chef behind Art at Curate 2017 Series 5, and known for his French-Japanese cooking style, is back in Singapore with his first (and this time permanent) outpost beyond the shores of Japan. As a three-in-one theatrical dining concept, TEPPAN provides a highly personable dining experience where guests can interact with the chefs as each dish, cocktail and dessert is flamboyantly prepared before their very eyes.

TEPPAN by Chef Yonemura comprises a 6-, 7- and 8-seat dining space. The exclusive space ensures personalised service, up-close interaction with the chefs.

Seasonal Menu

Only the finest cuts of Wagyu used at TEPPAN

Because TEPPAN uses only the finest and freshest of ingredients air-flown from Japan, the menu at TEPPAN is seasonal and contingent on what produce is available. Here are some of our favourites from its current menu that exemplify the exquisite, multi-sensorial experience you can expect at TEPPAN no matter when you choose to visit.

Flaming Welcome Cocktail

Welcome Cocktail at TEPPAN

It ain’t a party if there ain’t any cocktails. That’s why your meal at TEPPAN begins with a deconstructed cocktail comprising Grey Goose Vodka, fermented Yuzu liquor and a slice of dried mandarin soaked in Bacardi 151.

Note: smoking welcome mocktails are also available for those who prefer not to have alcohol.

Welcome Cocktail at TEPPAN

What I enjoyed most about the welcome experience was that I was part of the theatrics: I got to mix the shots and to spray Angostura bitter mist on the burning Bacardi-soaked mandarin slice, creating a dramatic dance of flames.

Amuse Bouche: Mussels Canapés & Kombu Seaweed flavoured Flounder and Persimmon Spring Roll

Amuse Bouche

The Mussels Canapés are cooked in white wine and placed atop a slice of French garlic bread and button mushroom. Though I didn’t find anything exceptional, the canapés did have a smooth and buttery texture and taste that opened up my palate.

The Spring Roll, however, is definitely a star. Made of persimmon (may change seasonally) wrapped in raw flounder cured with Kombu, Italian Parma ham and Vietnamese rice paper, this half of the dish offers an effortless mix of sweet and savoury, crunchy and chewy. Even a non-sashimi-eating person like me must admit that I was thoroughly impressed.

In line with the principles of nouvelle cuisine, the Spring Roll is served with a special pesto sauce made purely of basil puree and roasted pine nut paste, retaining the natural flavours of its components while elevating both.

Mushroom Croquette with Beef Stew Sauce

Mushroom Croquette with Beef Stew Sauce

Part of the personable dining experience at TEPPAN is that the chef explains how each component of every dish is prepared before he/she begins assembling it at your table, teasing your imagination and setting your expectations. Such as how the mushrooms in this dish are first seasoned and frozen overnight – presumably to seal in the flavour – before they are sliced and deep-fried with gruyere cheese.

The croquette’s bold flavours are a welcome indulgence, while its small serving portion prevents it from getting too cloying. Together, they whet your appetite for the courses to come.

Steamed Crab Meat with Rice

Steamed Crab Meat with Rice

Made using glutinous rice soaked in dashi stock overnight, it is the result of Chef Yonemura’s years of experience and experiment with food, which in this case is his version of sushi.

The succulent Snow Crab is marinated in a secret-recipe Thousand Island dressing alongside cubed cucumber and sweet potato, making for a creamy yet light appetiser reminiscent of cucumber Maki. It does take some skill to pull apart the sticky glutinous rice, but that’s why the dish is served with a teaspoon.

Japanese Wagyu Beef with Turnip and Zucchini

Japanese Wagyu Beef with Turnip and Zucchini

This dish is undoubtedly the star of TEPPAN’s current menu.

Expect your senses to be tantalised by the fiery spectacle, sizzling sounds and irresistible aromas as strips of Wagyu are ostentatiously prepared a la minute – all this leading up to that awe-inducing moment when you take your first bite.

Japanese Wagyu Beef with Turnip and Zucchini

Savour each bite slowly to feel the marbling on your tongue, and you’ll know that only the finest cuts have been selected just for you.

While others at my table loved the special Yonemura steak sauce made of garlic, peanut butter and other secret ingredients, I personally preferred having my steak with just the rock salt and fried garlic so as to not distract me from the full-bodied, natural buttery flavour of the beef. In a word, divine.

Note: a pork alternative is also available for guests who do not eat beef.

Garlic Rice and Pasta

Just when you thought the theatrics were over for the night, the chef begins his display of culinary mastery, agility and finesse on the iron griddle in his preparation of this dish.

Topped with bonito flakes and seaweed, this Kyoto-style okonomiyaki-inspired dish bursts with sweet, savoury and umami notes all at once. The textures also blend so well together that you won’t even realise you’re having a mix of both pasta and rice. Just like salt and caramel, this combination may sound rather gnarly, but it works.

Crepês Suzette

Crepês Suzette

The secret to TEPPAN’s signature flambé dessert is in its sauce. Sugar is first caramelised in a pan before butter, orange juice, pineapple juice, Grand Marnier liquor and cognac are added to make a sauce reminiscent of hot mulled wine you can find at eastern European Christmas markets. But don’t worry, you won’t get drunk – most of the alcohol content gets evaporated in the process of cooking.

Together with the housemade vanilla ice cream and crepe, this decadent combination is a great way to end off your meal at TEPPAN.

Reservations required!

From a quiet evening with your partner to a celebration amongst colleagues, TEPPAN by Chef Yonemura is undeniably the choice when you are raring for the traditional flavours of sizzling teppanyaki, with a zest of modern artistry and nouvelle kaiseki.

6-course dinner: S$188++ per person
9-course dinner: S$228++ per person
Sake pairings with menus are also available

Open from 6pm to 10.30pm for dinner daily except Mondays.

 Members enjoy 3% rebate


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