Tangerine, spa cuisine rejuvenated by Ian Kittichai

This blog post refers to a previous menu at Tangerine.

The restaurant has introduced a new low-carb menu in August 2016. Find out more.

Since January 2015, Celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai of Iron Chef Thailand fame, has taken over the reigns as Tangerine’s Consultant Chef.

Known for his innovative Thai cuisine, Chef Kittichai brings with him Asian and Western culinary inspirations to rejuvenate Tangerine’s menu, while retaining the restaurant’s philosophy of light, healthy and wholesome food.

Here’s a closer look at what’s new at Tangerine and how it fares against its former self.

The ambience

Apart from the menu, the restaurant has also undergone a minor facelift. The previously alfresco section is now enclosed with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, complete with air-conditioned comfort. This means you can now bask in the gorgeous view of the lush foliage, pond and treatment villas, without the tropical heat or bugs. A much-welcomed change.

The service

As always, the service staff are warm and friendly, and ready to share more information about the dishes and ingredients. I was particularly intrigued by a fruity Thai tea.

Upon query, the staff not only shared with me more about the bael fruit, she even brought it out from the kitchen to let me take a look. A pleasant surprise and an interesting learning experience.

The food

Chef Kittichai’s Thai influences are apparent in this revamped menu which is brimming with more robust flavours and aromas. Here are some of his signature creations:

Thai-Inspired Sous Vide Pork

Thai-Inspired Sous Vide Pork at Tangerine
Thai-Inspired Sous Vide Pork

Australian pork loin is sous vide at 65°C to retain maximum nutritional value and flavours. The thinly sliced pork is complemented with a sour and slightly spicy Thai-style dressing which immediately wakes up your palate.

Paired with fresh garden greens, young broccoli leaves and micro cress which are high in antioxidants and beta carotene, this makes for a perfect starter.

Asian Style Sea Bass and Salsa

Asian Style Sea Bass and Salsa at Tangerine
Asian Style Sea Bass and Salsa

A comforting fish dish featuring a lightly pan-fried Sea Bass with Asian style salsa atop a bed of sautéed Napa cabbage. When this was first served, it actually looks pretty boring.

The surprise arrives just seconds later when the staff pours steaming hot lime chili sauce onto the fish. A brilliant move that keeps the fish slightly crisp while soaking up just enough of the tangy, spicy sauce.

Tangerine Chicken Roulade

Chicken Roulade at Tangerine
Chicken Roulade at Tangerine

Light, juicy and nourishing, this sous vide free-range chicken breast is accompanied by a special Thai Mandarin sauce.

Its unique blend of flavours is something I can’t quite put my finger on. It seems to be a cross between the slightly spicy Chinese XO sauce and the smoky barbeque sauce. A very interesting blend that works well with the chicken.

Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse

Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse at Tangerine
Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse

For once, the health conscious will have no qualms finishing their dessert. This gluten-free sweet treat is a deconstructed interpretation of a Black Forest cake, which uses a 70% dark chocolate mousse concoction and melt-in-your-mouth silky bean curd.

The rich chocolaty taste and silky texture is very similar to a typical dark chocolate mousse. The only giveaway is the slight aroma and flavour of bean curd. Very interesting, very addictive.


I love the new flavours introduced by Chef Kittichai, which are familiar yet surprising at the same time. Tangerine’s menu is perfect for the health conscious who do not wish to contend with bland, uninspiring food.

Check out the informative and useful health bites under each dish description:

Tangerine calories

If you are planning a treatment at ESPA, a meal (or two) at Tangerine is a must.

Here’s more information on Tangerine and Chef Ian Kittichai

Tangerine at ESPA is open daily for lunch and dinner from 10.00am to 10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm).

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