It’s Curtains…Take a Bow

As the Resort’s musical LightSeeker draws to a close, the creative team and cast recount the poignant moments and discuss their future plans.


Creative Team

Wendi Teoh, Producer
Thoughts on producing this musical
Taking on this producing role has meant that I had to challenge myself in handling areas that I am new to. This includes discussing marketing, sales and communications strategy, and seeing how our plans can fit with the overall Resort’s direction. It has been an interesting experience and hindsight is 20/20. I will trust my instincts more and take a firmer stand in future.
Moving forward…
Continue to look after the training needs of the department and work on the strategic development and engagement level of the team. I will also be looking out for external producers who are interested in the rights to restage or tour LightSeeker!

Gemma Simcock, Assistant Director
Main challenge in managing this musical
Ensuring that the set formation and standing position of the cast was in place for every performance. Our fantastic cast are world class multi-skilled performers and not easily replaceable if they fall sick or become injured. This meant that I had the challenge of arranging regular rehearsals to train the acrobats, dancers and stunt performers.
Moving forward…
Preparations have commenced for the Resort’s Halloween event. Since this is my first year of being fully involved in the process, I hope to create weird and wonderful concepts, with that additional oomph for the event this year.

Matthew Twist, Lighting Designer
Your role in lighting up the musical
Apart from making actors and scenery visible; our role is to enhance the show, tease out the dramatic moments and give them impact. We aim to give flavour and mood to the musical which helps to increase the audience engagement with the characters and songs, and reinforce the plot themes.
Moving forward…
I hope I can get another opportunity to design lighting for theatre shows in the Resort.

Markham Gannon, Choreographer
Toughest scene to choreograph
Getting the overall picture with the aerial and acrobatic elements in the opening scene. It takes a lot of work and constant development. We also had a major music edit, which was challenging in terms of the sequence and story-telling. I am happy with how it ended up after many adaptations.
Moving forward…
Continue to develop new ideas and collaborate with the talented people I get to work with.



Nicole Sokolovic as Nova
Learning points from the musical
I learnt how to reserve my voice by ensuring that I was physically and vocally fit. I got the opportunity to perform small stunts and overcame my fear of heights too as my character Nova flies during the show.
Moving forward…
My main passion is singing and I want to continue focusing on song writing and recording. I would love to travel and perform around the world too.

Stuart Boother as The General
How has life changed after starring in the musical
It hasn’t changed much. I still train and sing daily but it has been an eye opener when I see the potential range of talent and skills that are available for me to master.
Moving forward…
I have a solo show to develop for a tour around China and will be training for the British stunt register.

Vivienne Carlyle as Usha
What you will miss most about the musical
My favourite scene was in the Hall of Mirrors when I bring my snakes to life, talk to the Emperor on CGI, enter and exit on a platform pulled by our incredible dancers, wear my beautiful red costume and of course sing ‘In the End’ which I love.  I will also miss the wonderful friends I have made.
Moving forward…
Hopefully, I will be involved in some concerts back in the UK, and perform in television and movies too.

Tanith Hooren as The Imp
Most ridiculous mistake you made on set
When we came up on the lift, I discovered that my tail got wedged between the lift. I got jolted backwards when I moved forward and was stuck trying to tug it out whilst trying to perform. Thankfully, I managed to pull it out in the end!
Moving forward…
I look forward to return to see my family and friends before embarking on my next adventure.


Andy Portelli as The Imp
Most ridiculous mistake you made on set
I didn’t strap my headpiece tight enough and during the opening dance number, it fell off and almost flew into the audience.
Moving forward…
I’m currently waiting to hear back from a recent audition. If I’m successful, you will see me back in Singapore later in the year!

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