#OnTheJob With RWS: Susie Low, Universal Studios Singapore VIP Tour Guide

In this edition of #OnTheJob with RWS, we speak with Universal Studios Singapore VIP Tour Guide, Susie Low, who loves meeting new guests and thrilling them with her knowledge bank of fun facts.

RWScoop: Hi Susie! Having been a VIP Guide with Universal Studios Singapore for the past nine years, what keeps you inspired and motivated at work?

Susie: I’m motivated by my passion for the job. I love meeting new guests and thrilling them with my knowledge bank of fun facts. It also heartens me to be able to mentor or train younger staff members to WOW guests under our care.

RWScoop: What is your biggest achievement to date – personally and professionally?

Susie: Having flown for many years prior to joining Universal Studios Singapore, I’ve achieved my goal of becoming a Flight Purser, as well as a service quality trainer cum grooming trainer.

As for my personal life, I’m proud that I was able to overcome the setbacks that came my way after I met with an accident several years ago. It was a very trying period; it took lots of determination and perseverance to get back on my feet.

RWScoop: What advice can you give to people pursuing their passion?

Susie: As clichéd as it sounds, choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. It’s the reason why I’ve been working as a VIP Guide since the park opened in 2010. I know what’s my passion and very clear about it.

Also, focus on the things that you both enjoy and excel at – even if it doesn’t pay as well as other interests. To me, being able to do my work with passion is priceless.

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