11 survival tips for Halloween Horror Nights

You are prepared to scare yourself silly. You have your tickets, rounded up all your screaming buddies and left your dog with the neighbours.

When you are just about to enter Universal Studios Singapore, you were suddenly stopped at the gantry.

HHN4 mati camp

What, no cosplaying?

Well, yes. Halloween Horror Nights has a couple of rules that you should be aware of before the nights draw close.

Here is a list of things to check before heading into the park, including tips (not compulsory) on how to make your trip better, so that you can keep the surprises ‘pleasant’–as pleasant as getting spooked by ghosts and ghouls can be.

1. No masks, heavy makeup or costumes

Minister of Evil HHN4
Only the Minister of Evil and his posse are allowed to be in costume.

Yes, unlike some other Halloween events where you can be witches or vampires, this is a no-dress-up-as-ghouls event. It’s really for your safety; you don’t want to be mistaken for a scare-actor. Failing to follow this will get you removed from the park and left as food for the undead.

2. Bring friends, the crazies and the screamers

Scream as loud as you can.
Scream as loud as you can.

You want people who will scream louder than you and provide more drama than you can even think of. Consider them your sanity check. Because no matter how scary or crazy it gets, you know that someone right beside you is feeling it worse. Misery truly loves company.

3. Bring handheld fans, blower and ice

All set to go!
No, not this sort of fans.

Let’s face it, Singapore is humid. And you will be sweating buckets, especially when surrounded by bodies and screaming yourself hoarse. Bring something (small) to help you keep cool while waiting for the next creepy to jump out at you.

4.  Keep hydrated

Blood of fellow visitors is not an acceptable drink at HHN.
Blood of fellow visitors is not an acceptable drink at HHN.

And because you will be losing a lot of water, remember to drink lots of fluids. There are water dispensers around the park.

Or get the blood bag and blood mug for some blood-look-alike drinks that make great ghoulish photos. Alcoholic and soda versions available.

5.  Bring an umbrella

Don't try to use the cocktail umbrella at Madagascar.
Don’t try to use the cocktail umbrella at Madagascar.

The park is not fully sheltered and in case of rain, you don’t want to get stranded at one haunted house with no way to get to the other scare zones.

Unless you really enjoy spending a lot of time sharing shuffling tips with zombies. And no, you should not use the umbrella as a weapon on the undead – or get ejected from the event.

6. Bring money

Consider it your emergency stash for food, souvenirs, express passes or, if need be, a stay over at one of the hotels. You never know when you will need that additional cookie or who would need that souvenir mug. As they say, always be prepared.

7. Bring in-queue entertainment

If you're old fashioned, you can write while waiting.
If you’re old fashioned, you can write while waiting.

Remember to bring something to keep yourself busy while you’re queuing to enter the next haunted house. Also charge your smartphone to full so you can post your photos to social media while you queue.

8. Don’t leave your common sense at home

It may be a spook fest but that doesn’t mean you can be a nuisance to others. That includes no hitting the scare-actors, no queue-jumping, no smoking in queues, no nose-digging and all other things you wouldn’t want to be caught dead doing.

9. Come early for the Opening Scaremony


Early bird gets the worm. Even if you don’t like worms, you should come before the gates open at 7:30pm for the Opening Scaremony. Plus, you can rush to your favourite haunted house as soon as the gates open.

10. Plan your escape route

HHN4 ends at 1:30am but there are still ways for you to get home.

  • The RWS8 bus runs run until 3:30am on event nights, dropping survivors off outside VivoCity and HarbourFront Station bus stops.
  • SMRT NR1 and NR6 runs until 2:00am on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays.

For more information, you can check out the HHN4 site’s Getting Here page.

 11.  Have fun

Well, this is an event to let your inner freak out, for a little while. So let loose with that earsplitting scream all you want. And if the going gets tough, you can cry. We promise we won’t tell.


With these tips in hand, you will likely survive Halloween Horror Nights. Good luck!

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