[Review] Super Mommy deftly tackles family and social issues through compelling honesty and heartwarming humour

Working parents who can’t leave work behind even after extended office hours. A young child who spends more time with his foreign domestic helper and feels distanced from his parents. Mistrust between domestic helpers and their employers.

With all these ‘dramas’ already playing out around us, perhaps even within our own households, why should anyone pay to watch Super Mommy the musical?

The answer lies in how the musical does a realistic portrayal of these elephants in the room with wit and humour, minus the sugarcoating. This underscores the simple honesty that makes Super Mommy so compelling to watch.

Taiwanese actress Luo Mei Ling plays Indonesian domestic helper Eny who is employed to look after Grandpa with dementia (played by former radio deejay, veteran host, singer and actor Lin Youfa).
Luo, who is a competent singer, does an endearing portrayal of a first-time foreign domestic helper in Singapore. Kudos to her for pulling off a believable Bahasa Indonesian accent and even a song in the same language.

There isn’t a moment of boredom throughout the show. The pace is snappy as it dishes out one familiar scenario after another, tugging at our self-consciousness and tickling our tear ducts while doing so. And thanks to the mostly experienced cast that elevate the compelling storyline into an entertaining caricature of reality.

Mother is played by Chriz Tong, a singer-songwriter who has recorded many theme songs for MediaCorp’s television drama serials. Her buttery smooth power vocals give depth to the simple, heartfelt lyrics, making her a pure joy to listen to.
Jaspers Lai, who cross-dresses to play Grandma, is the life of the show. His relatable portrayal of a sharp-tongued, hard-to-please old aunty brings much laughter and nods of approval. Yet it is his ability to hit the high notes that really draws the applause.
A right old ding-dong makes marriage stronger, as evidenced by this bickering old couple.
Local child performers handpicked by the legendary Hong Kong actress Nancy Sit do not disappoint with their natural acting.

Laughter, tears and self-reflection. Super Mommy is probably a timely reminder that it’s not too late to re-evaluate the priorities in our lives, especially people who matter the most to us.

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Show Details
Resorts World Theatre
18 May 2018 – 22 June 2018
Approximately 120min with intermission

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Restricted View/Cat Four: S$38

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