[Interview] The cast of ‘Super Mommy’ on what you can expect from the musical

Set in a multi-generational household, Super Mommy explores the lives of a dual-income family struggling to cope with their jobs while caring for their young son and an elderly family member suffering from dementia.

Following its multiple sold-out runs in Taiwan, this Chinese family-comedy musical will make its premiere at Resorts World Theatre, from 18 May to 22 June 2018. We caught up with local performing talents Chriz Tong, Benjamin Josiah Tan, Jaspers Lai and Lin You Fa to find out just what audiences can expect from the upcoming mid-year production.

What is one highlight of the production that made you want to be a part of it?

Super Mommy
From left: Jaspers Lai as ‘Grandma’, Lin You Fa as ‘Grandpa’, Benjamin Josiah Tan as ‘Father’, Chriz Tong as ‘Mother’

Chriz: The children, of course! They are so cute, experienced and professional! Another highlight would definitely have to be Jaspers (laughs)…

Benjamin: Yes Jaspers is a very prominent highlight indeed (laughs)! For me, it’ll have to be the original music. Each song tells a beautiful story from a different character’s point of view that the audience can relate to.

You Fa: One highlight for me would be the way the show examines how family dynamics change when a domestic helper suddenly enters a home that is not used to having one – how it foregrounds the importance of mutual understanding and communication.

Jaspers: Definitely cross-dressing and portraying a female character in a realistic way. It’s a huge responsibility because I have to do justice to the musical that was so successful in Taiwan, but it is also gives me plenty of room for creativity and there are just so many possibilities.

What effect do you hope this cross-dressing role will have?

Super Mommy
This will be the first time that local actor Jaspers Lai will be cross-dressing on a live musical stage.

Jaspers: That the audience will laugh the moment I get onto the stage (laughs). But in all seriousness, I hope the audience doesn’t take this role as a joke. Cross-dressing is an art form in itself, involving taking on the psyche of the opposite sex.

How will Super Mommy at RWS be different from the Taiwanese version of the musical?

Super Mommy
The local principal cast flew to Taiwan earlier this year to work with the cast and production crew.

Chriz: The storyline is pretty much the same, but we’ve localized most of the cultural references and jokes to make it more relatable to Singaporeans.

Benjamin: I feel the exact same way as Chriz – “same same, but different”!

Jaspers: In Taiwan, domestic helpers are only engaged when an elderly member of the family has a chronic or terminal illness and requires a lot of personal attention – almost like stay-home nurses. In this regard, the central character of the show will be viewed very differently by the local audiences here.

What can audiences expect from Super Mommy at RWS?

Super Mommy
The local principle cast of Super Mommy, who have been hard at work during vocal training sessions, will be performing original musical numbers written by Taiwanese icon Kay Huang Yun Ling.

Benjamin: Audiences can expect Jaspers cross-dressing for the first time, light-hearted laughter, and feel-good family moments. In fact, they might have to bring along a handkerchief to wipe away a tear or two!

Chriz: A quality production by renowned director Lang Tsu Yun, and original songs written by pop-music maestro Kay Huang Yun Ling.

You Fa: A social commentary. Audiences should watch it with an open mind – that’s when they will get the most out of it.

Jaspers: Tears through laughter, and laughter through tears. Everyone will leave the theatre with a renewed appreciation for their family members and domestic helpers. In essence, the show is suited for people of all ages!

Super Mommy promises a night of tears (the good kind!) and laughter for the family. Get your tickets today!

Show Details
Resorts World Theatre
18 May 2018 – 22 June 2018
Approximately 120min with intermission

Ticket Prices (not inclusive of SISTIC Booking Fee)
Premium/VIP: S$108
Standard: S$88 (Cat One), S$78 (Cat Two), S$58 (Cat Three)
Restricted View/Cat Four: S$38

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