Making staycations at RWS a family tradition [Guest post]



Our guest blogger for today is Goh Meiling who blogs at Mummy Meiling. She shares her staycation traditions that began four years ago in 2012.

RWScoop guest blogger Meiling and family in 2012.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog post:

We started our annual Sentosa staycation 4 years ago when Gabriel was only 2 years old! Our luggages were like a week’s overseas vacation! We had to bring diapers, milk bottles, pacifier, strollers and my emergency first aid kit!  My hubby lamented why did I plan such an exhausting trip then!

But after we started this tradition, we realized it brought us priceless memories and opportunities to bond!

Read more and see more adorable photos at Meiling’s blog mummymeiling.

Here’s a collage of the photos they’ve taken while spending time together:

RWScoop guest blogger Meiling and family.

Read more and see more adorable photos at Meiling’s blog mummymeiling.

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