Was there a SouthPoint Mall collapse in Singapore?

That’s the question that everyone’s been asking after the following structure was spotted at several bus stops around Singapore:

Memorial Wall

Inscribed on the marble-like structure are the words ‘In loving memory of the people whose lives were innocently taken in the SouthPoint Mall collapse – 17 August’. This begs the all-important question in solving the mystery – one that a netizen pointedly asked: where is SouthPoint Mall?

Where is Southpoint Mall?

The answer: ‘SouthPoint Mall’ doesn’t exist in Singapore. This 3D memorial wall is in fact a collaboration between RWS and Clear Channel as an attention-grabbing ad to pique public interest surrounding Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) 7. That’s right, no mall actually collapsed in Singapore.

If you look behind the memorial wall, you’d find an advertisement for HHN7.

Back of Memorial Wall

Nevertheless, the fictitious memorial wall created significant buzz on social media.


Facebook Comments

As can be seen, many netizens noted how realistic the memorial wall looked, with some even running Google searches just in case they’d missed out a piece of local breaking news.

Mixed reactions were also received, just as with any eye-catching campaign that pushes the creative envelope. Many of these reactions were strong, leading some users to take a step back and give their secondary opinions on these reactions.


If you’re still thinking if you should come down for #HHN7, maybe this trailer might convince you:


Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 7

Venue: Universal Studios Singapore
Date: 29 September to 29 October 2017 (14 selected nights only)
Time: Starts 7.30pm
Price: standard ticket on event nights at S$68

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