Introducing Songbirds of the Golden Era

Update 6 Apr, 2016: Songbirds of the Golden Era has been extended to 28 June.

Be transported back in time to the Mandarin pop scene of the 1930s to the 1950s at Songbirds of the Golden Era. This latest RWS show pays tribute to six multi-talented songstresses: Zhou Xuan (周璇), Li Xiang Lan (李香兰), Wu Ying Yin (吳鶯音), Bai Guang (白光), Ge Lan (葛兰) and Yao Li (姚莉).

Songs from the era are recognisable for their sweet, high voices accompanied by haunting tunes. Contemporary artistes such as Tandy Lim (唐羚), Terry Luo (罗雪丽), Vanessa Voon (温丝婷) and Xian Hong (鲜红) will take the stage to recapture the nostalgia of this era.

From 1 March till 31 May, every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm, you’ll be able to catch the one-hour tribute at Resorts World Theatre. Hosted by Zhao Jin (兆锦), each week’s shows will feature songs from one of the six songstresses– check the schedule to tune in to a medley from your favourite.

To get started, here’s a primer of these six greats, songstresses of their era.

Zhou Xuan 周璇

A famous singer and actress in the 1930s to 1940s whose nickname was Golden Voice (金嗓子). Her breakthrough role in the 1937 black and white film Road Angel (马路天使) pushed her into the limelight. Famous for the song “When Will You Return?” (何日君再来).

Li Xiang Lan 李香兰

Li Xiang Lan (Yoshiko Ōtaka), a Japanese born in China, was packaged as a Chinese star by the Manchukuo Film Association as a way to spread Japanese propaganda. She became popular for the 1942 song “Tuberose” (夜来香) and acted in many films. She eventually returned to Japan and became a member of parliament in 1974 for 18 years.

Wu Ying Yin 吳鶯音

Wu Ying Yin became a sensation because of her 1946 song “I Want to Forget You” (我想忘了你). Her rendition of “Spring Returns to the World” (大地回春), has become a popular Chinese New Year song today (we bet you’ve heard it before). She was a tireless singer – in 2004, even at 82 years old, she was still performing in Singapore.

Bai Guang 白光

Bai Guang became famous for her role as the antagonist in the 1943 film “Peach and Plum Blooming in Spring”(桃李争春). Known for her slightly deep and hoarse voice, she is also famous for her song “Waiting For You” (等着你回來). In 1955, she wrote, directed and acted in two films “Fresh Peony” (鲜牡丹) and “Welcoming the God of Fortune” (接财神).

Ge Lan 葛兰

Ge Lan was a ‘triple threat’ performer –she could act, sing and dance. She played the leading role in many Chinese musical films from the 1950s to 1960s. Her 1957 musical film Mambo Girl became a box office hit in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Yao Li 姚莉

Yao Li started singing professionally at 13 years old and was nicknamed Silvery Voice (銀嗓子). She is known for her songs ‘Spring Kissed My Face” (春風吻上我的臉) and “Rose, Rose, I Love You” (玫瑰玫瑰我爱你). She had a great partnership with her composer brother Yao Min who wrote many songs for her. She left showbiz after her brother’s death in 1967.

 Songbirds of the Golden Era

Get your tickets to Songbirds of the Golden Era

Resorts World Sentosa proudly presents the iconic Chinese divas of the golden era and their classic hits! Indulge in nostalgia as we pay tribute to the heavenly queens from the 30s to 50s, including Zhou Xuan (周璇), Bai Guang (白光), Ge Lan (葛兰), Wu Ying Yin (吴莺音), Yao Li (姚莉) and Li Xiang Lan (李香兰). Their classic songs will be performed by singers from Singapore and Malaysia in this concert hosted by veteran Zhao Jin (兆锦).

Date: 1 March – 28 June

Venue: Resorts World Theatre

Time: 1pm – 2pm

Price: S$38


Show schedule

Songbird featured: Zhou Xuan (周璇)
March 1 & 3, April 5 & 7, May 3 & 5, June 14

Songbirds featured: Bai Guang (白光) and Wu Ying Yin (吴莺音)
March 8 & 10, April 12, May 10 & 12, June 16

Songbird featured: Yao Li (姚莉)
March 15 & 17, April 21, May 17, June 21

Songbirds featured: Ge Lan (葛兰) and Li Xiang Lan (李香兰)
March 22, April 26 & 28, May 24 & 26, June 23

Best of the Songbirds March 29 & 31, May 31, June 28

Let’s check out some of the photos from the show

Songbirds of the Golden Era
Dancers open the show with a Shanghai-cabaret style dance.
Songbirds of the Golden Era
The host interacts with the guests so sit up front if you want to feel included.



Songbirds of the Golden Era

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