RWS sweeps four awards at Singapore Tourism Awards 2018

On 8 May 2018, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) clinched four awards at the Singapore Tourism Awards 2018, the most prestigious awards for the local tourism sector.

The awards were:

  • Exceptional Achievement Award – a special award in recognition of Universal Studios Singapore’s (USS) Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) winning Best Leisure Event for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017
  • Best Dining Experience – CURATE
  • Best Customer Service for Hotels – Yugeneswaran Chandrashakern, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore
  • Best Customer Service for Food & Beverage – Kok Chee Wai, Syun

We caught up with some of the team representatives and award recipients to find out some of the secrets behind their success.

Markham Gannon (Creative Director, HHN5 – present)

RWS CEO Tan Hee Teck receiving our first Exceptional Achievement Award

What do you think are some of the main factors behind USS HHN’s continued success, winning Best Leisure Event for 3 years running?

We always strive to produce original, immersive house and zone environments by listening to guest feedback. They push us to be bigger, better and scarier than the year before, and they reap the rewards through their experience at the event – it’s a partnership, really.

How do you and your team keep things fresh with every new run of USS HHN?

We dare ourselves to be different, to hone in on local folklores and inherent fears whilst also exploring local and international themes that will resonate with our audience. We also have an annual trip to St Louis for TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show to learn about new technology and scaring techniques.

What can guests expect at the upcoming HHN8?

Aside from original houses and zones, we are thrilled to have our very first Intellectual Property partnership with Netflix to create a Stranger Things haunted house this year. We have never re-created a television series before, and we are determined to make this experience true to the brand, its fans, and unique to HHN8.

(Stay tuned for more updates on the Stranger Things haunted house at HHN8!)


Benjamin Halat (Chef de Cuisine, CURATE)

Chef Benjamin Halat receiving the award for Best Dining Experience for CURATE

Having only opened in 2016, CURATE is fairly new to the fine dining scene in Singapore. What do you think sets it apart from other restaurants to win the prestigious title of ‘Best Dining Experience’?

It’s a very unique concept – we serve modern interpretations of German cuisine, and we always have small surprises that make guests smile throughout the dining experience.

In your personal opinion, what is the difference between a ‘good meal’ and a ‘dining experience’?

Come and try it for yourself 😉

Can you give us a teaser on what guests can expect at CURATE in the upcoming months?

Chef Stéphanie Le Quellec from Paris and Chef Bee Satongun from Bangkok will be here for Art at Curate 2018 Series 10 and 11 in August and November.


Yugeneswaran Chandrashakern (Front Office, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore)

Yugeneswaran Chandrashakern and Kok Chee Wai won Best Customer Service for Hard Rock Hotel Singapore and Syun respectively

How long have you been in the hotel industry? When did you start working at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore?

I’ve been in the industry for 19 years and started working at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore since 2010.

What motivates you when you’re on your way to work every morning?

Each morning, I look forward to learning new things and meeting new people to broaden my knowledge. I also love sharing my experiences with my colleagues so I can see them succeed in the hospitality industry.

What do you think is the secret to providing excellent customer service?

Empathy and commitment to putting another person’s needs and desires before my own. It’s also important to be patient, listen actively to the guest, and provide the best solutions to problems. Going the extra mile to make guests smile would be icing on the cake!

How has it been like working at RWS so far, and do you have any tips for those who wish to join us?

Lots of fun and laughter with both guests and fellow team members! The hotel industry is pretty exciting and pleasant – you get the opportunity to socialize with people representing many different nationalities.


Kok Chee Wai (Assistant Manager, Syun)

How long have you been in the F&B industry? When did you start working at Syun?

I’ve been in the F&B industry for a total 31 years. And I started working in Syun since 1 December 2014, as a part of the Opening Team.

What motivates you when you’re on your way to work every morning?

I am motivated by the desire to see guests delighted with our service. Every day, I challenge myself to deliver efficient and remarkable service to our guests with all my colleagues.

What do you think is the secret to providing excellent customer service?

Be observant, think fast and be sincere. It’s not really a secret – simply put yourself in the customer’s shoes so you can easily identify their needs and wants, identify their body language once you see them even from a far distance to up close.

How has it been like working at RWS so far, and do you have any tips for those who wish to join us?

Working in RWS has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, and has helped me to recognize customer service not only as my job, but also my passion. This has helped pave the way to getting my awards. To those who wish to join us, challenge yourself! Working at RWS will help you achieve your goals with our team members’ guidance and support.

Think you have what it takes to join us? Apply to be an RWS Team Member today!



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