8 packing tips for a holiday to Singapore

Packing for a holiday to Singapore is a bipolar feat as it’s easy but also hard.

It’s easy to pack for a trip to Singapore because there are no distinct seasons so you won’t need to worry about bringing winter clothes.

It’s difficult to pack because Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate with frequent rain showers and temperature indoors can be 10 degrees Celsius colder than outdoors because of air-conditioning.

To help with your packing, we bring you eight contradicting (but useful) packing tips for Singapore.

Tip 1a: Pack cool, comfortable clothes

Sunny Singapore

Singapore CBD under morning sun” by Nicolas Lannuzel

Unless you are on a shopping trip, in which case you are walking around in cold air-conditioned malls, visiting Singapore as a tourist means a lot of walking around under the hot sun.

At times like these, clothes that are cool and comfortable are the best. Try to avoid wearing dark colours. Opt for lighter colours as these reflect the sun’s heat.

This tip comes in handy when you are visiting Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa. The theme park is partly shaded but there is still ample sunlight streaming through.

Tip 1b: Pack something to keep warm from air conditioning

Singapore CBD under morning sun
Air-con in Singapore” by Kevin Carmody

Totally contradicting to 1a, this tip means that you will need something to keep you warm when indoors. Malls and museums love to blast visitors with air conditioning so that we all forget that we are in the tropics.

When visiting Resort World Sentosa’s S.E.A. Aquarium, you’ll likely find yourself looking for something warm to wear as you bask in the blue lights from the aquarium and look into the eyes of a shark.

Tip 2a: Bring sun protection

Sun protection

sun protection” by Chelsea Nesvig

Singapore’s sun can be blisteringly hot, especially if you are visiting outdoors. Sunscreen or sunblock is important to protect yourself from skin cancer.

It’s common in Asia for women to use umbrellas to protect against the sun’s harsh ray. You can opt for wearing fancy hats if you are a tourist. I repeat, only if you are a tourist.

Sun protection is crucial at Resorts World Sentosa’s Adventure Cove Waterpark. Remember to reapply sunscreen after your dip in the pools.

Tip 2b: Bring appropriate rain gear

Heavy rain in Singapore

Summer thunderstorm” by Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

It might look sunny in the morning but you will still need to be prepared for thunderstorms in the evening.

A small folded umbrella is useful for Singapore’s temperamental weather. Raincoats are not recommended as you will steam inside your coat from the humidity.

Tip 3a Bring just a carry-on

Travel with one carry on

Travel Cat is ready for her trip!” by William J Sisti

Challenge yourself and bring only one bag to Singapore. (Find out how to travel light.) There are many benefits to travelling with one bag:

  • You will only need to take care of one bag.
  • You will not need to pay for checked luggage fees.
  • You can move around fast.

Singapore’s many malls can definitely supply you with the items you need, unless it’s very specific medication.

Remember the magic packing formula: Bring half of what you think you need.

Tip 3b Bring an empty suitcase

Bring suitcases

Suitcases” by Tom Godber

With Singapore being a shopping heaven, you will probably be bringing back a lot of things. That’s where the empty suitcase comes in.

Interesting souvenirs from Singapore include medicated heat rub Tiger Balm, coconut jam kaya and kitschy keychains and T-shirts.

Find more souvenir shopping tips from the Singapore Tourism Board.

Tip 4a Bring sandals/ flip flops

flip flops
Flip Flops, Coney Island” by Joe Mazzola

In case of rain, sandals and flip flops offer better comfort than closed toe shoes as it’s much easier to dry your feet when it’s not enclosed in a pair of warm shoe.

Fortunately, the flip flops is considered a national footwear, especially for those still in school or university. You will blend into the crowd with a pair.

Tip 4b Bring nice shoes, just in case

nice shoes
nice shoes ha?” by SharonaGott

Unfortunately, some establishments in Singapore have a dress code. Patrons will need to be dressed properly, which means no flip flops, no shorts and no singlet.

So don’t leave home without one fancy outfit and shoes to go with it.

That’s all from us. What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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