Shop till you drop at Reef ‘n Wave Wear!

So you are about to step into Adventure Cove Waterpark, and suddenly realise you left the sunblock in your bedroom’s top drawer. And your bathing suit just doesn’t go with your hair colour. There is also something about the pair of sunglasses that does not reflect your mood for the day.

Fret not. Drop by Reef ‘n Wave Wear (located near the park’s entrance) for everything you need to enjoy your day at the park.

Welcome, welcome!

Let’s face it – a visit to waterpark isn’t just about sliding down tunnels and getting wet by gigantic waves. It is, in all of consumerism’s glory, also about the merchandise and memorabilia you can bring home. We check out what’s (pun alert!) in store.

Forgot your towel?


Need an umbrella (yes, it does rain occasionally) for the kids?


Block off the sun’s rays with a visor or a pair of sunglasses!


Now kids can get wet with pint-sized swimming apparel!


A plushie for the young, or anyone young at heart.

After getting all geared up for a splashing good time at Adventure Cove Waterpark, all you need are those smiles to enjoy the day ahead!


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