Seven types of Universal Studios Singapore guests

More than 10 million  guests have visited Universal Studios Singapore (USS) since March 2010 and there are no signs of it letting up. We take a fun look at seven types of theme park guests that you can see on a daily basis.

The every–show-must-watch


Who: This person plans the attack route for the theme park and ensures all rides and attractions are to be completed in one day. Often bores companions down with the constant rushing and doesn’t like to be proved wrong.

How to spot one: Usually brisk walks and occasionally breaks into a sprint just to get to the next Shrek 4-D Adventure show. Accessory of choice is the trusty park map and swears by the RWS app for the most up-to-date queue times.

What they are good for: Stretching your dollar, to the brink.

The well-travelled theme park guy

Who: The self-proclaimed master of theme parks, boasting a degree in theme park-ology.

How to spot one: The killjoy of the party and loves to say: “This ride is not bad, but it’s not as fast as this other ride I took at this other theme park.”

What they are good for: Just knowledgeable.

Non-stop snacker

Who: Visits every snack cart in the park and always armed with popcorn, turkey leg, churros and slush. The food cart itself is an attraction to this person.

How to spot one: See above.

What they are good for: Ability to give reviews on all the snacks.

Photography Nut


Who: Designated photographer for the day, armed with the latest DLSR, he will go at extreme lengths to get the best shot.

How to spot one: Usually armed with one DSLR, a compact camera and a smartphone just for Instagram. This person prefers to take inanimate objects such as plates of food than people and doesn’t feel at ease if there’s no opportunity to change lenses.

What they are good for: Picture-perfect moments.

The new parents

Who: New parents want so badly to try the latest thrilling ride but instead got stuck on the carousel with their eight-month-old baby. Have to give up Revenge of the Mummy ride for Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

How to spot them: Never far away from a stroller and easily identified by their baby’s gut-wrenching cries.

What they are good for: Caring parents and good at socialising with other parents.

The rollercoaster noob

Who: Wants to take the most thrilling coaster but closes eyes for the entire duration. Offers to accompany the ladies but, in fact, is the only who needs to be calmed down while strapping on the seat belts.

How to spot one: Level of cockiness drops exponentially when within 200m of rollercoasters. Also, look out for cold sweat and excuses such as “It’s boring, let’s go to Madagascar: A Crate Adventure.”

What they are good for: Nothing really. Unless you count having a good laugh as one.

The memorabilia hunter

Who: Buys every single item in the gift shop and knows the release of latest products. Treats USS as a giant shopping mall rather than a theme park.

How to spot one: This person is usually decked head to toe with the latest Transformers memorabilia, with both hands carrying shopping bags.

What they are good for: Knows the best deals in the house.


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