[LightSeeker] Seeking the Light Within

The terrifying warrior is in pursuit of a precious energy that will enhance the power of his menacing Emperor. He meets a mysterious girl. He starts questioning his purpose. What will he do next?

Seeking the Light

LightSeeker, An RWS Musical is the Resort’s third resident show. Opening 28 Nov 2013 at Resorts World Theatre, the 90-minute musical is filled with memorable songs, smooth action sequences and amazing visuals.

What is the story of LightSeeker?
Here’s what we can reveal. Set in a fantasy world in a universe different from ours, LightSeeker tells the story of a person’s struggle when given a choice. Will he be brave and do what’s right or do what’s convenient and keep everything status quo?

Our terrifying warrior is simply known as The General. He is the LightSeeker, the chosen one tasked by his master, The Emperor, to find and extract a force called The Light, a force that is found in all living beings.

The General’s mission leads him to Nova, an enigmatic girl who has the ability to bring out The Light in others. In trying to force Nova to reveal the secret to her power, he learnt the truth – and found himself a dilemma. Will he remain true to his mission and life, or will he pick a future with The Light?

What’s behind the story?
Even though LightSeeker has a fantastical setting, it is based on themes that we can all identify with. On one hand, there is the dichotomy of choice between fear versus freedom. On another, it is a metaphor for the corporate world with its power struggles. Those living the corporate life might find LightSeeker touching all too familiar issues.

Some fun facts about LightSeeker
Over 2,000 hopefuls attended the auditions in seven major cities, including Los Angeles, New York, London and Sydney. Only 39 performers were eventually casted.

Watch this space for more insights to the musical, its characters and cast, and the visual feasts – the lights, battle scenes and special effects – that we can reveal closer to the launch on 28 Nov.

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