Saving Planet Earth

Spot-the-difference challenge?
Not quite (though we’re not stopping you if you wanna spot them all!)

These are before and after shots taken over the weekend as the resort supported the global green initiative – Earth Hour.

For those who don’t know, this annual effort involves individuals and companies marking their stand against climate change by turning off lights for an hour on the last Saturday of every March.

So at the stroke of 8.30pm on 26th March, the resort dipped into limited electricity mode – with landscape, canopy and non-essential lightings as well as water fountains in areas all across the resort turned off.

Able to spot our hotels in the pictures? Well, they dimmed to 50% luminance too, along with essential lightings in the car park, giving it a rather ‘Gotham City’ feel to it.

In line with our emphasis on being environmentally responsible, (without of course compromising guests’ safety and security in any way) participating in Earth Hour is just one of the ways we as a resort are playing our part in saving the earth. As the new 2011 slogan rightfully sums it up – ‘This Earth Hour, Go Beyond The Hour’, here’s some of the other ways we’re ‘going beyond the hour’.

Green Roofs found on top of many buildings inside Universal Studios Singapore providing – beyond a touch of green to the resort – a cooler environment both inside and outside the buildings


Lowering energy consumption from air-conditioning across the resort through the use of extensive canopies to reduce ambient temperature and energy-friendly eco-coolers
Trees that were preserved during construction of the resort (122 of them!) have either been replanted or recoycled into benches like the ones shown here at the Festive Walk.

How have you gone green this year?

Check out our website for more on our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.


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