Yummy food and drinks at Universal Studios Singapore’s Santa’s All-Star Christmas 2015

What’s the festive period without some gluttony? We’ve introduced new drinks and dishes at Universal Studios Singapore for Santa’s All-Star Christmas. Check them out before they are gone!

Main meals

You’ll need energy for your day exploring Universal Studios Singapore and taking photos with the Christmas decorations. Here are some of the seasonal meals available:

Santa’s Signature Burger Meal (S$14)

Where you can find it: Oasis Spice Café; Starbot Cafe; Casa Del Wild

Santa's Signature Burger (S$14) Universal Studios Singapore

Santa can’t get enough of the grilled boneless chicken thigh marinated with Asian ingredients, and the pillowy beetroot buns in the same shade as his outfit. Served with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and a side of fries and choice of soda.

Crispy Fish Burger Meal (S$13.50)

Where you can find it: Friar’s; Goldilock’s Fried Chicken


Puss In Boots fans will be delighted by this burger as the bun comes seared with an image of Puss In Boots. The patty is a thick and crispy dory (fish, as expected since it’s a cat’s favourite) with creamy avocado mayonnaise and greens. The meal also comes with a side of fries and your choice of soda.

Depending on how you like your fries, head to Friar’s for Straight Cut Fries and Goldilock’s Fried Chicken for criss-cut fries.

Meatball Mega-Sub (S$23)

Where you can find it: Mel’s Drive In

Meatball Mega-Sub (S$18) Universal Studios Singapore

More a meal for two than a meal. The Mega-Sub (short for “Mega-Submarine sandwich”) is a 16-inch sub stuffed with stewed meatballs, fresh herbs cheese and fresh basil. Comes with a serving of fries.


Angel’s Snow Ball (S$6)

Where you can find it: Hollywood China Bistro

Angel's Snow Ball (S$6) Universal Studios Singapore

The very definition of “hot and cold”. This deep-fried ice cream features creamy vanilla ice cream wrapped in a warm, crisp crust. Served with raspberry sauce and fruit cocktail.


Caramel Apples (S$6 each)

Where you can find it: Gloria Snack Shack

Caramel Apples (S$6 each) Universal Studios Singapore

For the health nut with a sweet tooth. Crunchy apple dipped in caramel and sprinkles.

Christmas Tree Brownie (S$4.50)

Where you can find it: Galactic Treats, Loui’s Pizza Parlour and StarBot Café

Christmas Tree Brownie ($4.50) Universal Studios Singapore

Brownie on a plate is too mainstream. Eat your brownie as if you would with an ice cream–on an ice cream stick.


Gingerbread Man Slushie (S$6)

Where you can find it: Me Want Cookie; Gingy’s House of Sweet

Gingerbread Man Slush drink

If you’ve ever wanted to try liquid gingerbread, this is the drink. A mix of cinnamon with bits of gingerbread cookies and icy slushie. Perfect for a warm day.

Which is your favourite food or drink from Santa’s All-Star Christmas? Let us know.


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