13 Photo Spots For Your Next Visit To The Maritime Experiential Museum

These days, being able to take nice photos when you’re out with friends is almost as important as the outing itself. If this resonates with you and you’re looking for new photo spots in Singapore, head down to the Maritime Experiential Museum (MEM) at Resorts World Sentosa, where you’ll get to immerse yourself in maritime history while snapping OOTDs at the following spots in the Museum.

1. Explorers’ Library

Maritime Experiential Museum

The coloured mood lighting gives photos an ethereal quality, as though telling the tale of a Greek god/goddess descending onto earth (especially when standing in front of the globe!).

2. Room of Vessels

Maritime Experiential Museum

The luminous blue lights below each of the vessels in this room make for bold and striking images. Increase contrast and vibrance, or use filters like VSCO’s A6 for your photo to really pop on your followers’ feeds.

3. Spice Marketplace

Maritime Experiential Museum

Here at Spice Marketplace, we suggest casually touching/sniffing the spices as though you’re exploring an exotic marketplace in a foreign land. And viola, an airline commercial!

4. Typhoon Theatre Entrance

Take a break from all that Tumblr-esque posing and take a selfie with Ahmad ibn Mājid, one of the greatest Arab navigators of all time.

5. Boardwalk to Pirate Encounter

Maritime Experiential Museum

Werk it like it’s a runway, and don’t forget to smile with your eyes as you take those long, powerful strides. P.S. bottom-up shots will go a long way in making you look taller.

6. Nets along boardwalk to Pirate Encounter

Maritime Experiential Museum

This one’s for those who like the introspective, vulnerable Thought Catalog style of photos. If you have a favourite life quote, this is also your chance to use it as a caption.

7. Stairs at Pirate Encounter

Maritime Experiential Museum

Leading lines (like the sides of a staircase) in a photograph draw the viewer’s attention toward the subject. What better time to show off your latest outfits than this?

8. Base of Pirate Encounter

Maritime Experiential Museum

True #hypebeast Instagrammers and hipsters will know that an industrial backdrop like this makes for excellent photos. Whether you’re thinking of looking confident or coy, just be sure that both your facial expressions and body language convey your desired vibes well.

9. Port of Oman

Maritime Experiential Museum

With a multi-coloured display of fragrances behind you, there really isn’t much you need to do to make this shot work. We suggest going with something simple but natural, such as looking down while *casually* fixing your hair.

10. Port of Quanzhou Teahouse

Maritime Experiential Museum

Because the Port of Quanzhou gallery taps into an old china look and feel, posing in front of the tea canisters while decked in an urban-chic outfit will give the photo some serious retro overtones.

11. Port of Calicut

Maritime Experiential Museum

Granted, this could be any evenly painted door in the world. But while you’re already here at the Museum, why not snap a few extra OOTDs to store in your photo bank for future use?

12. Church of Melaka

Maritime Experiential Museum

With the right outfit and countenance, photos here can look really romantic and alluring. The best part? You no longer have to make a trip to Malacca just for a photo like this!

13. Port of Malacca window panes

Maritime Experiential Museum

Classic meets class with these opulent Peranakan-styled window panes that were distinctive of elite Straits Chinese homes in colonial Singapore. This is definitely one of those backdrops that work regardless of whatever facial expression/vibe you’re gunning for.

And there you have it, 13 Insta-worthy photo spots in Singapore, all under one roof.

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos @rwsentosa and #RWSMEM – we love seeing you guys werk it!

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