RWS Street Eats 2018: iconic Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese Dishes you won’t have to travel overseas just to eat

Are you one to enjoy Southeast Asian street food? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck! From 9 to 19 August 2018, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is bringing back its popular food event, RWS Street Eats, for the second year running. The 11-day event will be held at the Malaysian Food Street and the Waterfront at RWS, featuring a rare assembly of renowned hawkers and eateries from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore across 29 stalls.

And seeing that the event will be kicking off on Singapore’s 53rd National Day, we’ve got an exciting announcement to make – read on to find out more!

Street food you can expect

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the mouthwatering dishes you’ll get to sink your teeth into at the event.


KL Pork Noodle (Hong Cha)

RWS Street Eats 2018

Located at Overseas Union Garden in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Cha Restaurant draws crowds hankering for its light yet tasty Pork Noodle Soup. In fact, Hong Cha came down to Malaysian Food Street for a three-week pop-up in June and – can we just say – its savoury-sweet broth is on point.

RWS Street Eats 2018

Hokkien Mee (KL Jalan Alor)

RWS Street Eats 2018

As a perennial crowd favourite at RWS’s Malaysian Food Street, we just had to make sure that you’d still get to enjoy the decadent lardy goodness of KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee amidst the slew of pop-up stalls at the event.

RWS Street Eats 2018


Babi Sambal Matah (Pork Star Bali)

RWS Street Eats 2018

Known for its mouth-watering fusion pork dishes, Pork Star Bali is giving its Singaporean fan base a treat by bringing its fresh and fiery Sambal Matah sauce from Seminyak, Bali to the little red dot at RWS Street Eats 2018! If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to meet Pork Star Bali’s Chef Andris in person!

Ayam Penyet Belado (Waroeng Kita)

RWS Street Eats 2018

Founded by Chef Faizal Admodirdjo (who will also be at RWS Street Eats 2018), Waroeng Kita offers Ayam Penyet (“smashed chicken”) that is first marinated with a mouth-watering blend of aromatic herbs and spices, before being deep fried to golden brown perfection and topped with a hot and spicy Belado sauce.


Phad Thai (Baan Phad Thai)

RWS Street Eats 2018

Baan Phad Thai’s version of Thailand’s national dish has been voted as one of the best in Thailand by travelers on TripAdvisor, TimeOut, BK Magazine and Bangkok Best Dining, and was featured in Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018. Is it any wonder that it was so well-received at last year’s RWS Street Eats 2017, which in turn made us bring it back a second time?

RWS Street Eats 2018

Thai Boat Noodle (Gu Thai Noodle Café)

RWS Street Eats 2018

Dubbed by many Thais living in Singapore as the go-to place for authentic Thai Boat Noodles, Gu Thai Noodle Café’s full-bodied broth is thickened with coconut milk that makes it extra shiok (Singaporean colloquialism for ‘satisfying’).

RWS Street Eats 2018

You get to choose how spicy you want your soup to be, or even a tom yam option.


Pho (Sen Tay Ho)

RWS Street Eats 2018

Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, Sen Tay Ho is known for its high-quality Vietnamese delights. The eatery’s signature Beef Noodle Pho comprises chewy noodles, a savoury broth and tender beef slices that make it a must try Pho-sure!

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

RWS Street Eats 2018

Following his victory at last year’s RWS Street Eats Showdown, Vietnamese celebrity chef Steven Long returns to RWS Street Eats 2018 to bring us Vietnamese Summer Rolls – made using fresh, crunchy vegetables, aromatic leaves and cool noodles wrapped in paper-thin rice paper – that make for a refreshing summer delight.

Celebrate Singapore’s 53rd National Day with Flying Roti Canai and a brand new ‘Singapore Shiok Summer Roll’

The first event day on 9 August, which coincides with Singapore’s National Day, will kick off at 9.30am with a spectacular Flying Roti Canai performance by Chef Zainal Abidin and Chef Mohd Fairus who are known to flip, spin and stretch flatbread dough up to 60cm in diameter.

Following which, local food blogger, Dr Leslie Tay of will be unveiling his new creation – a Singapore-inspired version of the Vietnamese Summer Roll after a recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City where he learnt from Vietnamese celebrity chef Steven Long about Vietnamese street food.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Want to find out what the ‘Singapore Shiok Summer Roll’ will be like?

Here’s your chance to be the first to do so: head over to Dr Tay’s Facebook or Instagram account from 12 July 2018 to enter a contest to stand a chance to take part in an exclusive media event for RWS Street Eats 2018 on 9 August 2018.

Singapore Shiok Summer Rolls will also be sold, but limited to 50 portions a day, throughout RWS Street Eats 2018.

Hipster desserts for the gram

It’s 2018 – which means that no food event is complete without Insta-worthy hipster desserts for the gram. Want to up your IG game? Snap as many photos of these eye-popping desserts before you dig in (let’s see how long you can resist!):

Melon Bowls and Soft Serve Ice Cream (The Wicked Cream Co.)

Credits: The Wicked Cream Co.

A refreshing and unique melon bowl topped with premium ice cream crafted from scratch. Who can resist this?

Modern interpretations of Martabak Manis (Pancake Boss)

As with all hipster desserts, Pancake Boss’s modern interpretations of the traditional Indonesian dessert comes in red velvet, matcha and charcoal variants that make for bold #foodporn images that are sure to stand out of your followers’ IG feed. We got to try them right after we shot footage for the video above (lucky us!) and my, my, my, were they sweet, sinful and satisfying! Is it any wonder Pancake Boss was featured by Michelin Guide Singapore?

Ang Ku Kueh made of sweet potato (Kueh Ho Jiak)

Who said hipster desserts have to be unhealthy and full of artificial colouring? Kueh Ho Jiak’s Ang Ku Kueh skins are made and naturally coloured using purple and yellow variants of sweet potato. This not only gives them their vibrant colours, but their extremely chewy texture too!

Chill out at the beer garden

There’s no need to rush through your feasting. The event will also feature a charming beer garden created in collaboration with Tiger Beer. Done with your first round of feasting? Have a good chat with your friends and loved ones over a beer, then get ready for round two of feasting!

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