RWS pledges to dim lights for Earth Hour 2010

On March 27, for an hour starting from 8:30pm, Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) will join individuals and corporations worldwide in limiting electricity usage at its resort in support of Earth Hour 2010.

For one hour, we will be turning off landscape, canopy and non-essential lightings as well as water fountains in areas all across the resort. Essential lightings in hotels and the car park will be dimmed to 50% luminance. All these will be done with our guests’ safety and security in mind.

Supporting Earth Hour is one of the few initiatives taken by RWS in making a stand against climate change. Right from the start, the resort’s design has incorporated an eco-friendly mindset.

We have Singapore’s largest collection of solar cells; in fact you can see a few of them right on top of the Revenge of the Mummy building in our Universal Studios Singapore

Some of our other initiatives include having the lagoon in Universal Studios Singapore serving as a reservoir for rain water. This is then used to water our hundreds of plants and trees taking root all over the resort; our green roofs also keep the buildings cool. RWS was recently awarded the BCA Green Mark for these initiatives.

Individuals who wish to pledge their support, can visit the Earth Hour website.

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