Fun weekend date at RWS for under $50 per person

September is budget month at RWScoop. We’re launching a series on how to spend a fun and affordable time at Resorts World Sentosa. Stay tuned for the posts each Friday.Check out all of our budget posts.

Some say that Sentosa stands for “So Expensive, Nothing TO See Also”. Actually, there is plenty to do and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

That’s why we prepared this guide to help you  plan a weekend date at Resorts World Sentosa for less than $50 per person.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to do

  • Choose the attraction to visit
  • Choose how to get to RWS
  • Choose what to eat
  • Bonus: Watch free shows in the evening

Choosing an attraction within your budget

To keep below a $50-per-person budget, we recommend these attractions:

Trick Eye Museum (Entrance at $25 per person)

Welcome to Trick Eye Singapore

The newest attraction at Resorts World Sentosa is the perfect place for photo-loving peeps. The museum has plenty of 3D images, that put you in out-of-this-world situations such as on the back of a killer whale or above hot flowing lava.

This place is best visited with a buddy so you can take turns taking photos. Here are some tips to take the best photos at Trick Eye Museum.

S.E.A. Aquarium (Promotion: Get 2 S.E.A. Aquarium tickets for $50)
With more than 100,000 marine animals around, you can spend hours looking at fishes and soaking up the atmosphere and still not see all the fishes there are. Most of the areas are dimly lit to protect the fishes and this makes the Aquarium a very romantic spot.

While you’re at S.E.A. Aquarium, take a few selfies together as a keepsake for the future.

Adventure Cove Waterpark (Promotion: Get 2 Adventure Cove Waterpark tickets for $50)
If your date prefers a little more action, Adventure Cove Waterpark is the place to be. Thrill rides, plenty of sun and guarantee to get wet. After all the rides, you both can grab a float and chill on the Adventure River.

You can show off that toned body you’ve worked hard on. Not keen to show off? Check out what else you can wear at the waterpark. Yes, there is a dress code!

Remember to pre-book your tickets to get the S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark promotioms. For Trick Eye Museum, you’ll need to buy the tickets in person at the counter.

Budget toll: $50 for two ($25 for each attraction).

Choosing how you reach RWS

Once you have pre-booked your tickets, you should plan how to enter RWS.

The cheapest way to enter Resorts World Sentosa is to walk from VivoCity using the Sentosa Boardwalk. It has a $1 entrance fee on weekdays but is free on weekends and public holidays.

Free entry to Sentosa with Boardwalk

If you don’t fancy walking, you can also take the RWS8 bus from the bus stop at VivoCity. It’s a $2 ride, dropping you off at The Forum at Resorts World Sentosa.

You can also take the Sentosa Express (monorail) at the third floor of VivoCity at a cost of $4 per person.

If you’re driving, it’s best to be an RWS Invites member so you can redeem all-day parking with its rebate programme, at just Invites$1.50 (equivalent to $1.50). In contrast, regular parking charges on Friday, Weekends and Public Holiday are $8 for the first hour, $2 for each subsequent hour capped at a maximum of $28 per 24 hrs.

PS It’s free to take the monorail and RWS8 bus out of RWS to the mainland.

Budget toll: $54 for two (Each person at $25 + $2 RWS8 bus from Vivo City).

Choosing what to eat on a budget at RWS

No date is complete without a meal. While there are top-class fancy restaurants at RWS, there are also affordable meals around. (Check out our round-up post of cheapest eateries at the Resort.)

With $50 left in your budget, you have many choices, including:

A feast at Malaysian Food Street: With the most expensive dish at this outlet being the $30 Whole Chicken from the Chicken Rice Stall, food at MFS is very affordable.

If you want a Taiwanese street food experience, check out Hot Star. A combo meal which includes lemonade or peach tea, original fries and an original Large Fried Chicken costs $8.50.

Hot Star RWS price

Another Taiwanese favourite is Bubble Tea. You can get your fill at Gong Cha one stall down with drinks at around $2.80.

For Muslim guests, Balithai’s menu will fit the $50 per couple budget since noodle dishes start from $13. For other choices, here’s a guide to Halal outlets in the Resort.

Budget toll: Assuming a very generous $20 per person spending on meals, it’ll be a total of $94 for two.

Free shows in the evening

Crane Dance and Lake of Dreams

For the later part of the night, you can watch Crane Dance at 9pm and Lake of Dreams at 9.30pm. Both shows are free of charge!

Budget souvenirs to buy at RWS

With about $6 left, you can chooose to Press a Penny at $2 for each penny.

You also have a variety of under $5 souvenirs to choose Universal Studios Singapore’s It’s a Wrap souvenir shop located outside of the USS gates or the S.E.A. Aquarium gift shop.

Big Bird Magnet USS


How about this cheerful S.E.A. Aquarium Coaster at $5? (Only available at the S.E.A. Aquarium gift shop.)


Budget toll: Just slightly under $100 with a S.E.A. Aquarium coaster or a Sesame Street magnet.

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