5 reasons why Rock of Ages The Musical is better than the movie adaptation

I like being prepared for musicals. I listen to the songs in the show before I watch the live performance. (OK, maybe I didn’t do that for this musical. In my defence, the songs were hard to find.)
You might know of Rock of Ages the movie, the 2012 film adaptation of the musical, starring Tom Cruise as spoilt rocker Stacee Jaxx.

Since there are two versions of the show (musical and movie), I did twice the homework by listening to the musical’s soundtrack and watching short clips of the movie on YouTube.

Even though I didn’t watch the full movie, I was pretty sure that watching the movie clips have prepared me for all the plot twists.

Well, I was wrong. Not everything plays out the same in this musical so you’ll be pleasantly surprised even if you have watched the movie. (Highlight the next lines for spoilers: In this musical, the character that Tom Cruise plays in the movie, Stacee Jaxx, never turns good–which is logical. In addition, Catherine Zeta Jones’s character does not exist.)

The musical is rated Advisory 16 (Some sexual content). There are a lot of sexy jokes and suggestive body gestures so remember to give grandma early warning and bring her Axe Brand Universal Oil in case she feels faint.

5 reasons why Rock of Ages Musical is better than the movie adaptation

Rock of Ages The Musical review

  1. The music is great, especially when sung live

With the characters singing on stage, the whole show felt like a long concert and an awesome karaoke session.

The lead, Drew, loves to show off his vocals and would hold his note for what seems like forever. When he ends his song, the audience would burst into applause.

There’s also a live band playing and the guitarist is really awesome at shredding (the guitar, not paper).

Rock of Ages The Musical review

  1. The actors interact with the audience

At some points in the show, the characters on stage would break the fourth wall and talk to the audience. One of my favourite parts was when my rather-rowdy corner was called out by a character on stage.

Rock of Ages The Musical review

  1. The costumes are outrageous

In the musical, the characters clothes seem much more real instead of polished like in the movies. In two of the big reveals in the show, I burst out laughing at the character’s unexpected costume change.

And, as a colleague noted, there are “a lot of abs” in the show (from both genders, for the sake of gender equality).

Rock of Ages The Musical review: Making the call to Stacee Jaxx

  1. The story line makes more sense

Based on the movie clips that I’ve seen, the movie puts a lot of emphasis on Tom Cruise’s character Stacee Jaxx becoming good. In the musical, more screen time is given to the leads for character growth.

Rock of Ages The Musical review

  1. The replacement for Catherine Zeta-Jones’s role is funny

I was kind of bummed when I realised that Catherine Zeta-Jones’s character wasn’t in the musical. In her place, we have a hippie City Planner Regina trying to save Sunset Strip (where everything is set) from demolition. Halfway through the show, Regina started growing on me because of her earnestness.

You should watch Rock of Ages Musical

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Tue – Fri: 8pm
Sat – Sun: 1pm, 8pm

Price*: VIP: $175
Standard: $165, $145, $125, $85, $75

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Do you like the movie version of Rock of Ages? Check out the musical and tell us which version you prefer.

If you’re on Spotify, check out this Rock of Ages playlist:

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