Review of Art At Curate Series 10 With 2 Michelin-Starred Chef Tanja Grandits

Dishes that are as are bold in flavour as they are in colour – that’s what you can expect at Resorts World Sentosa’s (RWS’s) 10th edition of Art at Curate, happening from now till 3 May 2018. Read on for the full review of Art at Curate Series 10.

Tanja Grandits x Benjamin Halat

Known for her use of herbs, spices and vibrant colours inspired by nature – wherein each dish focuses on one main flavour and one main pantone – Chef Tanja of Switzerland’s Two Michelin-starred Restaurant Stucki has arrived at RWS for Art at Curate 2018 Series 10. During this week-long period, Chef Tanja will collaborate with CURATE’s Chef de Cuisine Benjamin Halat in presenting exclusive 4-course lunch and 8-course dinner menus.

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

Given that both chefs are ethnically German and specialise in contemporary European cuisine, guests can expect a seamless transition from one course to the next:

Chef Tanja Grandits Chef Benjamin Halat
Salmon Sashimi (Lunch only) Kyoto Red Carrot
Beef Tartare (Dinner only) Glazed Pork Cheek (Dinner only)
Hokkaido Scallop (Dinner only) Sea Buckthorn Berry Sherbet (Dinner only)
Egg Yolk (Dinner only) Snickers 2018
Wagyu Tenderloin (Lunch only)
Atlantic Cod Fish (Dinner only)

Both lunch and dinner menus have the option of wine pairing carefully selected by leading wine critic Robert Parker Jr. and notable Spanish reviewer Luis Gutiérrez.

Some of our favourites from the series

Amuse Bouche (Chef Benjamin)

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

The amuse bouche comprises a savoury and a sweet component: an Amaebi (sweet shrimp) puff with remoulade sauce, and a Kalamata olive madeleine. The former is filled with a remoulade sauce that gives a subtle burst of umami when you bite into the puff – a great way to excite the palate. The latter is served fresh out of CURATE’s oven – fragrant, just the right amount of sweet and buttery, moist on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside.

Salmon Sashimi (Chef Tanja)

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

Cured for an hour using various spices, the salmon sashimi in this dish is served atop a bed of passionfruit tapioca balls before it is topped with a hollandaise sauce alongside fresh and dried carrot slices. Together, they make for a superb mix of soft, buttery and crunchy textures.

I was pleasantly surprised by how all the ingredients in this dish came together in a way that is rather reminiscent of yu sheng, a raw fish salad typically eaten by Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese over the Lunar New Year.

Kyoto Red Carrot (Chef Benjamin)

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

Because of their common love for carrots, Chef Tanja and Chef Benjamin decided to showcase carrots in two different dishes. While Chef Tanja presents the aforementioned Salmon Sashimi with fresh and dried carrots, Chef Benjamin uses Kyoto red carrots in a barley porridge topped with Kombu seaweed, oyster, bonito flakes, carrot foam and coriander.

The Kyoto red carrots have a natural marzipan candy flavour which completes the barley porridge to form a comforting dish. In fact, Chef Benjamin tells us that Kyoto red carrots are so valued for this particular quality that they’re sold at approximately $20 per carrot!

Hokkaido Scallop (Chef Tanja)

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

Scallops typically have a musky, fishy smell no matter how well cooked they are. Chef Tanja ingeniously circumvents this by serving seared Hokkaido scallops with a zesty fennel sauerkraut and lime gel that cut through the musky smell, while the dill dashi, deep fried capers and roasted pistachio provide more earthy bottom notes that moderate the dish’s acidity. For this reason, this is probably my favourite dish by Chef Tanja for Art at Curate 2018 Series 10.

Wagyu Tenderloin (Chef Tanja)

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

Accompanied by an aubergine puree, all-spice glaze, gnocchi, fried shallots, barley and shitake mushrooms, this wagyu tenderloin is a simple but satisfying main course in the lunch menu. I was particularly appreciative of how the deep fried mushrooms add such a depth to the natural flavours of the beef.

Sea Buckthorn Berry Sherbet (Chef Benjamin)

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

Made using ingredients and techniques he learnt about from visiting chefs in previous editions of Art at Curate, this ‘refresher course’ is citrusy but sweet, and focuses on three different types of acidity: herby (from the verbena), lactic (from the buttermilk espuma with Bavarian gin) and fruity (from the sea buckthorn berry).

Sure, I may be biased towards sherbets, but I kid you not when I say that this one by Chef Benjamin tastes so good, I had to force myself to stop eating for a minute to jot down some notes for this review. All in all, this is perhaps my favourite dessert by Chef Benjamin of all time.

Snickers 2018 (Chef Benjamin)

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10

If this is your first time hearing about CURATE, Chef Benjamin actually creates a new fine-dining rendition of Snickers every year because it’s simply his favourite chocolate bar out there. While last year’s rendition comprised peanuts, dulcey and gianduja chocolate, Snickers 2018 is made using a mixture of peanuts and macadamia.

The dessert is just the right balance of sweet and bitter, and is a great palate cleanser to end off the meal. According to Chef Benjamin, the best way to savour it is to scoop it from the top all the way to the bottom so you get a bit of every component.

Dinners are already fully booked – make your lunch reservations while seats are still available!

Art at Curate 2018 Series 10 Featuring Tanja Grandits
27 April to 3 May 2018

  • 4-Course Lunch Menu at S$88++ (Limited availability!)
  • 4-Course Lunch Menu with Wine Pairing at S$138++ (Limited availability!)
  • Reservations are strictly required

members enjoy 3% rebate.


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